Looking for people..

Hi the name is Amber I just moved to Niagara Falls and i'm 19 with a 7 month old baby girl...I just want people to talk to n stuff i guess...if you'd like add me and i'll add you, my aim is xxvampiregirl6xx blessed be..
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Contact info updated.
Picture added of my lovely self.

Anyone have any ideas, or anything
they would like to start up.. like
a random picture day or something,
let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Yours truly- Danielle Lacy [mod]
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Hello everyone, Mod here.

Wow! I thought this community was dead when I made my new LJ. I'm happy to see that it isn't. I've been commenting on some of your posts with my new LJ (hereisyouandme). I plan to switch the Mod. controls over to that LJ name and keep active. Thank you everyone who has been active.

Yours truly- Danielle Lacy [mod]
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So. Angry. I. Could. HURT. SOMEONE.

I am so pissed it's not even funny.

I just found this definition of self-mutilation on UrbanDictionary.com, where the users define the words. I'm shaking from the anger.

Here's what it said:

"1. Self mutilation
Somehing depressed goth retards do when they haven't masturbated for over a week. Fucking can't help themselves when they see a pointy object.

Like a box cutter.

Or a rock or something.

Young teenaged Yolanda could not find her purple vibrator which she had purchased from the Urbandictionary.com store, so she got into the bad habit of self-mutilation.

Source: Faggy McGaypants, Dec 28, 2004"

So angry. So fucking angry.

Am I the only one who wants to throttle who ever "Faggy McGaypants" is? THE IGNORANCE.

(X-posted everywhere. Seriously.)
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"and if your thoughts return to death/ you gotta stomp them out/ like a cigarrette" conor o.

“I wanna be the surgeon that cuts you open, and fixes all of life’s mistakes: I wanna be the house that you grew up/ it’s the only place that you feel safe: I wanna be the shower in the morning that wakes you up and makes you clean/but I know I’m just the weather against your window/ as you sleep through a winter’s dream”

-Ship In A Bottle

sorry. Just in a Bright Eyes kind of listening mood. I’m sick of having to play Fact or Fiction everyday when someone asks me How Are You. And I always pick the Fiction everyday. Oh masquerade balls used to be such fun now it’s just a routine. I’m writing this here because I want to send out a signal where someone just might hear it. Im sick of the signals constantly bouncing back at me.
Sunday was my birthday.
I spent the morning in bed listening to acoustic on the stereo and watching the rain. Talked to Alex at the hospital. He says we might be able to see each other Valentine’s weekend, but, will this defy every other time he’s said this, and actually happen? Who knows. Did some homework. My mom freaked because she thought I lost the application form to one of the schools I’m applying to. She stood in my room and screamed at me, and said that she was collecting all these leaflets to help me get into a school that I could be happy in and that I obviously didn’t appreciate it if I was ‘throwing it all back’ in her face. She said sometimes she wished she could just walk away and leave the family because I’m such a fuckup and I don’t seem to WANT to help myself, that I was useless and not worth the effort anymore, since I couldn’t even keep an application form. She said a whole lot of other stuff that hurt, and said I wasn’t allowed to do anything till I’d ripped my room apart looking for the fucking thing. Her face was red and the vein in her neck was throbbing, spit flying. She stormed down the stairs and I just stood in the middle of my bedroom clenching and unclenching my fists and hoping listening to FATA through my headphones at a deafening level would help. I wanted to scream, very very loudly. But I didn’t.
My mom found the application in the desk drawer in her bedroom.

Right now I feel lonely without the one person I used to talk to, A. I feel like crying, like throwing up, like bleeding, like screaming.
But the canvas is running out. And it’s not curing the whole.

Anybody there?

bodycount: 13 new, (all razor)

Xx Willa c. xX
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city with no people

New member survey

[Name] Willarae
[Age] 14.
[Sex] Female
[Location] London, England
[Self-mutilation] Cutter and anything else when im desperate
[Tool] razor blades, broken glass, chemicals, scalpels- usually razors
[Often?] yes.
[Relationship] absent boyfriend
[Depression] always, under the skin.

I'm new
I'm glad I found a place like this. I'm so sick of people telling em im fucked up, or not fucked up enough, or im wrong.I started a community like this that was never found at

I only just revived my journal. I have another one at

i smile so no one will know.
shit..anybody out there?
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