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oh this and that

So basically this is my life in high school:
first period, bored out of my mind in global
second period, sleepy but loved in band
third period, uninterested but dedicated in math
fourth period, harassed but revered in ceramics
fifth period, irate but mollified in lunch
sixth period, ready to take a nap but attentive in english
seventh period, interested but attention deficit in chemistry
(see above for eighth period or...)
eighth period, pisssed off and given free reign in gym
ninth period, bitchy but sympathetic in french.

My global teacher is a fruitcake and I hate her. My stand partner is really nice (and he saved my life today totally by telling me all the notes of the scale I was playing solo in rehearsal after I mangled it once) and so are all the other sax players, or ‘the guys’ as you may often hear me refer to them. My math teacher has a monotone, but it’s super advanced so I have to work hard. This kid Jordan absolutely does his best to make my life a living hell, but I’m so good at the clay handling that most people are in awe of my skill. Half the people at my lunch table I wish would die, but the other half I’d die for. My english teacher is a deranged rodent and my classmates are like whoa dumb. I love science as a rule and I’m good at it too but man is chem. boring. The people in my class are fat and lazy omg I just love slide tackling to hear them scream like the ninnies they are. Foreign languages make me angry, and my class is collectively less intelligent than any one of my ducks.

But back to band again, wow I love it. It’s like nothing in this world to be able to be part of a unit that works together almost seamlessly and (for the most part) gets along very well. The atmosphere is so relaxed, and the guys are all really sweet and courteous but they should be because I’m the only girl out of us (and saxes must band together) and also the youngest out of all of us, the only sophomore to be precise. And wow I’m envious of my awesome stand partner because next year he’s doing the ear long rotary program to live in Germany! Talk about a way to start off your post-high school life!
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New Layout

Hey Sophies,

New layout for __2008s__ , I hope you all like it.  Halloween's coming, and I don't know about you, but I'm sure as anything bolting out of my house and grabbing some candy.  I am going to be a really dorky feudal samurai.  -_-  But I'm excited, and being a dork is really fun.  I'll get some pictures up here when I take them.  Yep, pointed straw hat and all.  My school actually lets people dress up, as long as it follows the dress code; although, I'm not quite sure people follow the dress code on normal days anyway.

What's everyone else doing?  *is curious*   ^_^

And wow, am I loving Daylight savings time ending.  One extra hour of sleep, one extra hour of day.  Why can't we have that on the weekdays?!  ...

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Hey again,

We just had our Homecoming game last night, and it POURED. It was Colonie vs. Shaker (our traditional arch nemisis), and Colonie won...again! Although I didn't quite pay attention to the game.

For halftime, each of the grades put on a halftime show that usually consists of dancing and showing school spirit, although not too many of us are proud to go to a school that has a mold problem and no celings, and usually smells like rotten gym socks and popcorn from the offices after school.  So anyway, our Sophomore class did a dance routine to "Saved By The Bell", and yes, in the crappy weather nonetheless.  The Seniors came in first as always, although they did this slutty act with a streaker; which was actually hilarious.  I'm mad though, because they didn't announce who came in second.  We came in 2nd last year as Freshman, which was so awesome.  The dance is tonight, but I'm not going.  Dances are a real waste of three hours and a waste of $10 if you're not an honor student.  I'm done.  ;P

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(no subject)

So. How is everyone enjoying being a sophmore? I LOVE SCHOOOOOOOOOOL. ALOTTTT.
And have decided I am going to major in Biology. I'm such a geek.

What's everyone else considering?
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All right, so this is really weird. I'll get to that later though. We just played Shen and they pretty much pwned us, but they gave us these really really good brownies afterwards, so it's all good. I think. But I played wing mid for a really long time and ran really fast for a long time, and let me tell you, I am very proud of myself for it. I thought I did an okay job anyhow. And oh my god was band great today! Some kid brought in this huge box of doughnuts, or rather four huge boxes, and we got to eat them and it was good. And my math teachers flipped out at us because we got them at the very end of band and were eating them in math. He looked like he was going to have a heart attack when I got my test papers and my calculator all gooey. It was freaking hilarious. Anyhow, I can’t wait for Friday. It’s gonna be good. Now onto the weird part. Okay, so over the summer I went to a triathlon training camp. And there I made friends with these three guys, aged 10, 13, and 14. I like them all, but the 13 year old is like really cute so I kinda had/ have a crush on him. And I made them all these necklaces like my bracelet. Yeah. If anyone’s seen my bracelet, it’s the same as the necklace I gave to the one I like. Anyhow, so he flipped out and was omg I love it a million times. And in his profile for aim it says <CR3. And I’m like wtf, is that me? And I dunno what to do about it? Any bright ideas anyone?
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Name: Jade

Age: 15

Hair/Eye Color: hair-dark brown eyes-hazel

City/State: Colonie, NY

Okay, anything else?: umm our school needs ceilings


Interests/Obsessions: music, band, reading, tennis, talking, food, apple picking!!, guitar, flute, random things

You're a 2008, right?: mmhmm

Pix?: no, im computer illiterate

Opinions on School: its good, just get us some ceilings, please.


Will you follow all rules and/or regulations wrought by Moderators?: ooof course
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