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we're officially dead, and unless someone wants to take this over, i'm going to close it; i just don't have the time to promote and get this started up.
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01. Name: Andrea
02. Age: 16
03. Birthday: October 13th, 2005
04. Tell Us About Yourself: I had a dream last night that Belgium invaded my hometown, I love the game RISK and I drink alot of coffee. Christina Ricci is the hottest.
05. Favorite Bands: Good ones, I don't really like talking about music. I like Nick Drake alot, and Kings Of Leon, and Wilco...and Bob Dylan. And Dan Sartain. I like him. I'll elborate if you want to know.
06. Hottest Member?: xxonelastchance, I think.
07. Ugliest Member?: I'm not sure. I mean, you guys don't have ugly members right?
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01. Name: April
02. Age: 14
03. Birthday: March 22nd 1991
04. Tell Us About Yourself:
I'm April. I love my best friends more than anything in the world. I adore my sister. She's amazing. I love music, not for what it's classifed as, but for how it makes me feel. Conor Oberst is my hero. I'm a fan of holding hands and going for walks. I'm a hopeless romantic with a dream. There's a good chance I have a bigger heart than you. I'm insecure about a lot of things. I believe in myself. I know there's more to come. I know that even though it feels like my whole life is over, that I'll be okay eventually. I'm starting high school in September, and I'm so excited. I have a lot to learn. I haven't been through a lot. But I'm a nice girl. I promise.
05. Favorite Bands: Bright Eyes. Tegan & Sara. Belle & Sebastian. Damien Rice. Brand New.
06. Hottest Member?: I haven't seen all the members yet.
07. Ugliest Member?: I have no right to call someone ugly. That's mean.
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01. Name: Spiff
02. Age: 14
03. Birthday: August 8th
04. Tell Us About Yourself: I'm a Michigan girl at heart, however I'm currently living in Georgia. I used to move around a lot, but now I've settled down a bit. I'm a small, child-sized girl, however I'm a major clean freak which means that everything I have has been organized, re-organized, and organized again. I like to decorate my room, and I am easily addicted to things. I love tea and coffee along with big red chewing gum. Oh, and I collect hats. I have a cute closet collection as of right now, but it's growing with time. I go by the nicknames Spiff, Aly, Monkey, Tiny Toes, ChiChi, Shadow, and Bunny...these names all have really wierd explanations. Urm...when I graduate from Highschool I plan on either going to Georgia Tech and majoring in computer science or going to some art school and majoring in graphic arts. I play guitar and I have two best friends whom I call Dick and Moose. Those two boys are my pride and joy and they're quite a fun bunch. I draw comics, manga, and I like to make little movies with my camera. Hmm...I guess that I really don't know what else to say except, I want to finish writing this now.
05. Favorite Bands: Tegan and Sara, The Brilliant Green, Gackt, Miyavi, and The White Stripes.
06. Hottest Member?: 20050 (she's uber hawt)
07. Ugliest Member?: If I were to answer this, I'd be a hypocrit.
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01. Name: Monica
02. Age: 16
03. Birthday: May 6, 1989
04. Tell Us About Yourself: I am small, I am short and I am asian. I live in Seattle, WA. I enjoy photography, vectoring/webdesigning and collecting DVDs. When comfortable I am generally loud but when I feel intimidated or uncomfortable I get into this sort of shy zone. I'm addicted to TV drama shows such as LOST, the OC (har har) and Roswell. If you have any other questions, just ask.
05. Favorite Bands: Phantom Planet, the Decemberists, the Dandy Warhols, Violent Femmes, DCFC, Eisley, Shivaree, Placebo, Tilly and the Wall.
06. Hottest Member?: 20050
07. Ugliest Member?: ___vegaswedding
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woop woop

new sister community:


yeah yeah yeah, it's mine, it's new.

....sort of.


oh yeah, i'm going to try and fix that image map either today or tomorrow, so i need you guys to post a 150x200 picture for the members page, so that can be set up.
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