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Hey guys, sup! this is a sweet community..love the layout and banners, their awesome.
Just joined today, I'm new *waves* I'm a complete Dynamaniac. I'm not even over egsadurating when I say that I've seen the movie like 30 times. And I think Jon Heder is a hottie. (as himself, Not Napoloen, although Napoloen's got it goin on too, ya know..that orange suit. lol ;)Anyways..thats about it.

whatever I feel like i wanna do, gosh

What up,
My name is Amber, and I am new to the community. My brother and I both looooooove Napoleon; we watch it every time I come home from school for a weekend. We both have napoleon shirts now. IT's the bomb. Look forward to sharing lots of cool Napoleon stuff with you guys.
Peace out!
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Come On, Tina!

I love 'Napoleon Dynamite' so much! It's such an awesome movie!!! It took me like three hours to finish the shading on your upper lip...I caught you a delicious bass...a freakin' twelve gauge, what do you think?...stay home and eat all the flippin' chips, Kip!

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