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Never Ending Boredom

Am i orgasmic?

* Name Maria A.
* Age 16
* Location Detroit, Michigan

* Sex Female
* Martial Status very much single

* Favorite book[s] The Lord of the Rings, The Notebook, The Chronicles of Narnia, Memoirs of a Geisha, 1900's - era romance novels, The Full Circle trilogy, The Novel, and The New Generation
* Favorite movie[s] The Lord of the Rings trilogy, GI Jane, Bend it like Beckham, Pirates of the Caribbean, Love Actually, The Notebook, Tomb Raider 1 & 2, Starsky and Hutch
* Favorite band[s]/artist[s] Evanesence (sp?), Metallica, Godsmack, Jay Z, Beyonce, Christina Milian, 50 cent, Eminem, P.Diddy, Techno 
* Favorite actress/actor Orlando Bloom, Angelina Jolie, Kiera Knightley
* Favorite food[s]/dessert[s] Tabbouli, Hummus, and Pizza

* Abortion - My stance is it's a woman's body, it should be her choice. I am however, 100% against partial birth abortion. If you are going to carry the baby for that long, just deliver the child and put him/her up for adoption to be given a nice home. I also say that don't look at abortion as your only way out. For example, a rape victim (i think) should try the Plan B pill. If that doesn't work an abortion is an option. If you are older and don't want kids, go on the pill.
* Gay Rights - I agree 110% with the allowing of Gay Marriage. If you love someone, you should be able to marry them regardless of gender. A government should not be able to infringe on a group of people's rights just because they don't like it. You can never chose who you love, it just happens.
* The War with Iraq - I disagree with the governments whole stance on WMD and going to war with Iraq. My personal opinion is that George W is just finishing what his father started. Being a muslim, to me, the War on Iraq isn't just against Iraq but it's trying to show people a false image of Arab's around the world. This war has cost billion's of wasted dollars, as well as thousnad's of innocent lives.
* Teen Smoking - If you are under 18, don't smoke. It won't kill you to wait until you are legal. I personally hate any type of smoking, it's pointless, why would you do something that you know can and  probably will kill you. But, people make choices, let them decide what they want to do.
* Britney Spears - I'm partial on Britney. I have a couple of her cd's. It's ok music, nothing fantastic. As for her image, let her do whatever she wants, she's an adult and is perfectly capable of making her own choices. Who cares if she dresses a little sultry and had a quicky marriage; people make mistakes, hers just happen to be magnified X1000 because of the media.
* Reality TV - I like some reality shows, but others are just rubbish. I like the Real World, and reality game shows i.e. Fear Factor. And I did watch Joe Millionaire. I like some, I hate some, but it's all good.  

* If you had three wishes what would they be? Why? 1. I would be able teleport anywhere. Avoid traffic and being late. 2. I would be  rich. A lot of things are easier when you have money, and I could give back to my parents. 3. I would rid the world of ignorant people. They are quite annoying.
* Why do you think you're orgasmic? I think I'm orgasmic because I'm a fun person to know. I like a variety of things, and am a loyal friend. I might not be the prettiest girl in school, but my personality rocks.
* What makes your unique or different? In the sence of this community, I think I'm the only one of my cultural background. I guess I can say that there aren't people like me, I like all types of out there stuff, and have a wacky personality to boot.
* Where did you hear about the community? I saw it in passing in a friend's LJ.
* One person/community you promoted the community to. No one yet, but I am going to put a button for this community in my LJ, and on a message board right after I finish this application.
* And finally, clear pictures of yourself. (minimum of 3)

 I'm on the left

I'm really sorry, but these two are the only clear and decent pictures I have. If you need need another one, please tell me, and I will find one for ya'll somewhere.

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