jessi.allyn (__xjessil0ve) wrote in __0rgasmic,

am i orgasmic?

* Name jessi allyn
* Age 16
* Location connecticut
* Sex female
* Martial Status -- taken by my love, justin --

* Favorite book[s] catcher in the rye [or] warriors don't cry
* Favorite movie[s] princess bride ; where the heart is ; pirates of the carribean
* Favorite band[s]/artist[s] madonna
* Favorite actress/actor natile portman ; kiera knightly
* Favorite food[s]/dessert[s] oreo cookies!!

* Abortion i don't believe in abortion. i think that if a woman was raped, then maybe have an aborition. but get it done within the first trimester... for anyone else, if you can open your legs to have sex - you can open your legs again to give birth to your child.
* Gay Rights i don't understand the big deal about this. if you love someone - you love them - plain and simple ; regardless of gender.
* The War with Iraq umm.. i def hate war. i understand that it is a priority that America has to fight for its saftey, but i don't like the whole idea of it.
* Teen Smoking i used to smoke which might make me a hypocrit when i say that i hate pot and i hate the idea of smoking it. i mean, teenagers will be teenagers and expierment and having fun every once and a while is totally understandable - but when you start neglecting things in your life that are important to you, that is when you know there's a problem.
* Britney Spears i like her.. i don't know why everyone gives her so much crap.
* Reality TV omg i am a huge fan!! even tho its not really "reality" it is def entertaining to watch.. and easy to get into.

* If you had three wishes what would they be? Why? to move - because i hate the town that i live in ; to get a good job - because i need to make $$ to support the family i want to have one day ; to find my soul mate - because who doesn't want true love?
* Why do you think you're orgasmic? cuz i'm so damn sexy ;D lol .. jus cuz i am very blunt and very unique
* What makes your unique or different? woo.. um, i speak the truth when others are afriad, i have my own style and i don't follow the crowds....
* Where did you hear about the community? ___seduction
* One person/community you promoted the community to. my journal
* And finally, clear pictures of yourself. (minimum of 3)

- on the left

- another dance pic

- and another dance pic

- a pic from my prom!

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