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Am I Orgasmic?

* Name:sarah
* Age-14
* Location-houston tx
* Sex-girl
* Martial Status-single

* Favorite book[s]-hangmans curse
* Favorite movie[s]-ace ventura2 & the cable guy
* Favorite band[s]/artist[s]-yellowcard, bright eyes, tbs, coheed and cambria, and lost prophets
* Favorite actress/actor-jim carrey
* Favorite food[s]/dessert[s]-chocolate cake

* Abortion-i hate it, theres no excuse to hurt an innocent baby
* Gay Rights-gay people should have the same rights as everyone else.
* The War with Iraq-i think that if we didnt go to war with iraq then there wouldve been more terrorist attacks and more innocent people wouldve died.. so i think its a good thing.
* Teen Smoking-gross.
* Britney Spears-i think everyone should leave her alone, shes a good dancer and singer and people just need to mind their own business. who cares what she does?
* Reality TV-its kinda funny to watch, but i dont see why they call it reality tv when most of the stuff they do is something you dont useually see in real life.

* If you had three wishes what would they be? Why?-that i could fly because that would be really cool. that i was prettier so i wouldnt feel bad about myself. and that everyone could were whatever they want and no one would judge them by their clothes.
* Why do you think you're orgasmic?-i dont think im very pretty at all, but my personallity is allright i guess.
* What makes your unique or different?-i have my own style sorta and i dont really care about what other people think. i do and say whatever i want when i want regardless of what people think.
* Where did you hear about the community?-_xtina_icons
* One person/community you promoted the community to.-emo_revolution
* And finally, clear pictures of yourself. (minimum of 3)
im on the right

Sorry about not applying right away, my computer crashed=/
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