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*Am I Orgasmic?*

* Name Christine
* Age 16
* Location Ontario, Canada
* Sex Female
* Martial Status Single.

* Favorite book[s] The Vagina Monologues, Gone With the Wind, The Beach, and The Vampire Lestat.
* Favorite movie[s] Quills, Goodfellas, Jaws, the Exorcist, 100 Girls, Last of the Mohicans, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and the Sweetest Thing.
* Favorite band[s]/artist[s] Bob Marley, U2, Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, Miss Kittin, Faithless, Dido, Bjork, Tsunami Bomb, AC/DC, and Hole.
* Favorite actress/actor I like Juliette Lewis and John Leguizamo.
* Favorite food[s]/dessert[s] The Taco Supremo Salad from Wendy's, smoothies, watermelon, granola, apple pie, iced coffee.

* Abortion I'm pro-choice. I believe that it is 100 percent the woman's choice whether or not she wants to get an abortion. It's the woman's body.
* Gay Rights Everyone should have the same rights, no matter what their sexual orientation. I'm a strong believer in gay marriage.
* The War with Iraq I'm honestly not very opinionated about it, nor am I very informed. I'm Canadian, so I don't usually get too got up in issues like that. But I'm definently not supporting the war.
* Teen Smoking It's their choice, I guess. I don't like it, personally.
* Britney Spears ...or not.
* Reality TV It's entertaining, sometimes. Not very intellectual, but it's the entertaining-factor that counts when it comes to television, I guess.

* If you had three wishes what would they be? Why?
-true happiness, because I think it's the hardest thing to obtain.
-I'd like to star in a movie, opposite the members of U2. :P Because I would just...die.
-and three hundred million dollars. Because I'm just that greedy, lol. Nah, I want to buy my family stuff, and travel the world.
* Why do you think you're orgasmic? Because I'm not just a pretty face. I'm smart and interesting, and very, VERY open minded. :) Also easy to get along with.
* What makes your unique or different? I'm not sure about this one...but you don't find many people like me. :P I'm very open and I love to have fun. There is alot of spiritual and emotional depth to me as well.
* Where did you hear about the community? From some other community's info page.
* One person/community you promoted the community to. hew_.
* And finally, clear pictures of yourself. (minimum of 3)

(sorry I love photoshop, lol)

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