♥ aLLiE ♥ (_guccic0ndomz) wrote in __0rgasmic,
♥ aLLiE ♥

when i went to go eat with my mom today for lunch, i was looking through my moms computer, and i found all these pictures that i didnt have lol.. so i put them on a cd, and wanted to post them..

me at my graduation (before the ceremony)

me and my best friend lauren before graduation.. REALLY bad pic of me, but this was the only pic of me and my best friend.. (i just got done crying) and i reali dont look like that lol

me walking away.. i liked my hair in this pic lol

me and ashleigh standing outside the restaurant (runway 84) after graduation

my graduation cake.. yummmmyyy!!

now just random's

i found 2 more of my modeling pix.. one is on my user info page which i used in my application, and here are 2 more

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