amanda saegebrecht (oneslowdance__x) wrote in __0rgasmic,
amanda saegebrecht

am i orgasmic

* Name amanda nichole saegebrecht
* Age15
* Location mt.prospect, illinois
* Sex female
* Martial Status single

* Favorite book[s]skinny dip by Carl Hiaasen and how to make love like a porn star by Jenna Jameson, Neil Strauss
* Favorite movie[s] tim burtons a nightmare before Christmas, the goonies, super troopers, Harold and kumar go to white castle.
* Favorite band[s]/artist[s] atreyu, bleeding through, MAE, hawthorne heights, fall out boy. coheed and cambria. sugarcult.summers end. matchbook romance. dashboard confessional. spilled canvas. mxpx. nofx. blink one eighty two. something corporate. yellowcard. boys night out. the local scene. taking back sunday. drop kick murphys. sublime. story of the year. motion city soundtrack. thrice. switchfoot. axl rose. johnny rzenznic. evanescence. the darkness. system of a down. greenday.senses fail. early november. AFI. the used. nirvana. so many more. =)
* Favorite actress/actor actress--… actor--William farrell
* Favorite food[s]/dessert[s] strawberries. Watermelon.

* Abortion its MURDER =(!
* Gay Rights I think if you fall in love with a tree, you should have the right to marry it.
* The War with Iraq bogus. I think all the soliders should stop helping those people who hate us anyways and come home. They miss there family and who would want to be in Iraq?
* Teen Smoking I suppouse it is there choice.
* Britney Spears shes beautiful. But her music sucks.
* Reality TV I think some reality TV is false. but I my favorite was probably the real world san diego.

* If you had three wishes what would they be? Why? one wish would be that I would find the love of my life. My second wish would be that I would win the mega million lottery. And my third wish would be that my friends and family have healthy lives.
* Why do you think you're orgasmic? im sexy that’s why.
* What makes your unique or different?I like to dip my French fries in milkshakes.
* Where did you hear about the community?someones live journal.
* One person/community you promoted the community to.I havent promoted anyone to the community I plan to promote my friend ohsexgod
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