Kane (im_kane_forever) wrote in ___youwish,


Name:: Kane
Age:: 13
Location:: Allen Park
Taken or single?:: single
Since you are wishing to be accepting….tell us why we should accept you?:: because i skateboard and im a good person, i also wish to be accepted

Color:: green, black
Candy:: candy cigerretes, skittles gum
Food:: hotdogs
Bands:: anti-flag, flogging molly, quit your life, avenged sevenfold, and more
Books:: none
Films:: napolean dynamite, resident evil 2, dirty work
Actors/Actresses:: none
Quote(s):: none

Your opinions on…
Drugs:: drug free is the way to be
Abortion:: bad
Religion:: good
-subquestion: If you made your own religion, what would be your top three beliefs/rules?:: skateboard everywere, be in the community you_wish, drug free
Fat people:: i fele bad for them sometmies
The "scene":: don't care about it

Random Questions
What would you do if you could penetrate the ConeZone?:: what?
If you could spend a day with one person dead or alive who would it be and why?:: the guy from napolean dynamite
What is your favourite possession? skateboard
Tell us a secret?:: i'm fat and no one knows it
What makes you special?:: i'm irish
What are you fascinating hobbies?:: skateboarding, hanging with friends, computer, music, games, and much much more
Moderator Coolschmool is actually certified as a Reverend, please make a confession:: i don't know, ask again later
You've got the GPA, but where is the dirty love?:: in my heart
Tell us a joke (It better be good!):: this blonde is driving down the road swerving all over the road, a cop pulls her over and asks her why she was swerving all over the road, she said there seems to be a tree everywhere she turns, and the police officer says mam, thats your air freshiner

Promote us twice! Prove it!:: 

Strike a pose!( three pictures darling) my icon, don't have any right now

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