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YOU sucK!

the place where the unwanted go

YoU SucK!
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ok this live journal is for anyone who agrees with the rules.
1. if you want to apply take the time and apply properly.
2. when you apply and when you post a large entry please use lj cuts.
3. you must post at least once a week to keep the community going.
4. you can bitch all you want, but please don't argue with any of the members
5. if you are accepted you have to post something within a week of being accepted
6. if you are denied you can try applying again. but only one more time.
7. if you fight with any of the members that have voted "no" you will be banned from the community and will be not allow to apply a second time.
8. if you post pics please no nudity.
9. if you don't follow these rules you will be kicked out of the community.
10. if you are a member you must vote on the applicants either a "yes" or "no" and if you can't make up your mind then put"maybe" and you will be used for a tie break.
11. have fucking fun

your application must read "i suck" when you use an lj-cut if you dont know how to use and lj-cut please learn before you apply.
oh and you must click join the community before trying to apply. If you dont you can not post anything!

(copy and paste below and fill out please)
hair colour:
eye colour:
religion(don't have to put):
+5 music:
+5 movies:
Favorite quote:
+2 pics of yourself:
+3 pics of anything you want(no nudity):