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.Your the Sex.

.Are you the sex?.

Your the sex?
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Because Grammer Sucks!
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This is a rating community based on your looks. If you can't take critisism. Then don't apply. If your not mature then dont apply. Because people will be poseing in provcative ways so if you cant deal with that. Dont apply.

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You have to be atleast 15 years old to apply.
Post your application within 48 hours of joining.
Only comment in your application.
Put "Am I The Sex?" in your subject line so we know you read the rules.
If you are on __dontuseme friends list you need to put auto accepted as the subject.
Don't swear at members if your not accepted yet.
Disobey they rules and risk being banned.
Be creative with you lj-cut.
Put pictures under and lj-cut.
Make sure they're not huge.
Make sure your name is on the member part of the bar.
Members must remain active or you will be removed
you must collect 50 points by the end of every month or you will be removed. its not hard to get points.
applicants can not be rude to members.
If you fuck up the app it will be deleted its really not that hard.

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DO NOT USE RICH TEXT!!!! its really not that hard not to use it.

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joelislife927 My name is Kristen!

_pin_your_wings My name is Kat!

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Post Pictures Of Your Butt. With Pants. Without. W/e. I wanna see some ass! :-P

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Picture post - 10
Text post - 5
promote - 10 per link or an auto accept/reject for 10 links
Theme - 20
Someone you promoted to applies - 30
making banners - 10 per banner (don't just post accepted or rejected or promo. to all of them. also possible a banned banner)

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Contact the Mods to become sisters.