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ONE You must have a minimum of three clear pictures. One of the three must be a face shot. You may post as many pictures as you like, however something like 20 pictures gets to be a bit much. No nudity. TWO Along with your pictures, you must fill out the application below and complete ALL of the questions asked. Do not leave out a few questioins, or even half the application and think we wont notice. THREE Put your entire application behind the lj-cut. FOUR NO pictures, such as teaser pictures or even promotion banners, wider than 300 pixels. If it is wider than that I will delete your post. and dont get mad if a mod does it and it doesnt get deleted. FIVE If you think you're ugly, we probably do too. The members of this community tend to leave smartassed comments. You have no right to try and start something with them if you didnt like their comment. SIX If you are a member and voting, make your vote visible somewhere in the comment by bolding it or placing a yes or no in the subject line. Explain your vote. Subject: no Message: . is not a good vote. I may not even count them. SEVEN If you are rejected the first time, you may try again after a period of 2 - 3 days. If you get rejected for the second time, kindly remove your ass from the community. EIGHT After joining the community, submit your application as soon as possible. NINE Stamped members may only advertise other communities once a week. DO NOT promote your fucking community in here if you are not a member and not planning on joining. I know fuckingxcute_ has contests on promoting.. we dont want to be a part of your little games. TEN If you are a stamped member, type “stamped” in the subject line when you are posting. ELEVEN ONLY STAMPED MEMEBERS MAY VOTE. If your application is pending, you may not post other things or vote on other applications. TWELVE You will be stamped after 2 out of the 3 mods vote and when someone gets around to stamping people. Keep in mind this is a large community that continues to grow, and the mod's have lives of their own. THIRTEEN If all three mods hate your guts. Youre not getting in, regardless of other peoples votes. FOURTEEN Make the subject of your application "I'm Rad". FIFTEEN You dont have to reply to every vote you get. Its annoying. SIXTEEN The mods can decide to kick your ass out at any time for any reason.
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Best & worst qualities:
10 of your favorite Bands:
5 of your favorite Movies:
3 of your favorite TV shows:
3 of your favorite books:
Lyrics that best describe you:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Season:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink:
One thing you hate and why:
Describe your personality:
Opinion on drugs/alcohol:
Something interesting about yourself:
Good reasons why we should accept you:
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Make us laugh (joke, pick-up line, picture, whatever):
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