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Batman: Batdaddy

Fanmix: Batman/Bruce Wayne—Destroying Angel

As much as I love playing Batman Begins and The Dark Knight scores on constant loop I needed something more vocally angst-ridden, hence the fanmix. It's eclectic and self-indulgent, but I thought I'd share it with you all too. Cheers. ;]

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That said, some Batman: Gotham Knight screen caps should be coming this weekend, plus Beijing 2008 icon specials (something else to look forward to now that Dark Knight is seen and done), at least, until after I've handed in my art theory essay... ;]
Batman: Batdaddy

Films: Batman Begins [1]

I've been waiting to see the flick for so bloody long. Saw the movie yesterday and absolutely LOVED it.

14 icons.

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Also, I finished the request made by rabid_dustbunny. Free for all to use, but not without credit. Unfortunately I will not be able to take any more requests, sorry!
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