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Batman: Batdaddy

"DC Direct" Action Figures [1]

My last studio project was a magazine issue featuring comics, and I had 2 photography sessions taking shots of some of my latest additions to my action figure collection. These four figures are Rorschach and Silk Spectre from Watchmen, the Kia Asamiya Series 1 Batman and the Re-Activated Series Batman. I thought merging the two franchises would be an interesting twist. Enjoy! ;)

If there is more interest I will certainly be happy to do icons on other figures (when they come into my possession, of course. xD)

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Also, theriversdream has requested a reupload of my latest Dark Knight fanmix, so check back later today or tomorrow (AEST time!) for updated link/s!
Batman: Batdaddy

Comics: Batman [1]

Saw Dark Knight on Wednesday... friggin' brilliant. I'm still flabbergasted and in complete awe. Hoping to see it 3 times in cinema, at least.

Anyhoo, these are some old icons I made from the Batman R.I.P. arc, written by Grant Morrison, which is supposedly going to shock the entire Batverse (I'm still waiting to be shocked).

22 "Batman" DC comics (issue 676 — 678)


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