dietwater (dietwater) wrote in ___whores,

Scene points to you.

Hey guys, checkin' here, and this is the first THEME!

Pick a friend, family member, or yourself, and dress up as a member of the opposite sex, while still looking as hot as possible.  Then whore it up!

I just kinda thought it would be a fun one to start with, and it will loosen everyone up.  I'll post my pics when I'm not so damn tired.

Next order of business -
You guys are great and everything, but you're too damn nice!  Which isn't a bad thing, not at all.  But Jewel(flavouredblack) and I have decided that we need a little bit of bitchness here and there, which is why we decided to start out OWN community, Pro_Bitch.  You're all encouraged to join, if you think you can cut it;)  But either way, that's not the point.  The point IS, if you go to the site, you will realize that it's lame.  Because we both suck at HTML and layout.  We don't know how many auto-accept there will be (although the rules may say otherwise), but anyone who will help us make it badass will be accepted without even having to fill out an application (unless they want to).  So yeah, help?



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