tears_0f_pink (tears_0f_pink) wrote in ___whores,

"we don't need no stinkin' rules"

Name;; Raegan

Age;; 15

Location;; Austin, TX

Interests:: music, friends, fashion, computer, phone, ect::

7 bands; My chemical romance, the killers, pink floyd, bob marley, The spill canvas, Led zeppelin

6 movies: Office space, Starsky and hutch, Mean girls, Dazed and confused, half baked, and ummm  i cant really think of another movie but i watch the sex and the city dvd's all the time...!

5 random objects: Cell phone, my  Pearl bead neckless, my hot pink kangaroos, My rubics cube, My awesome pin that says "somebodys got a case of the mondays"

4 books: Go ask alice, Blue is for nightmares, White is for magic, Sharing sam.

3 foods: Pizza, Alfredo, My grandpalls Mashed potatos :-)Yummmmmmm

2 idols: My mom, and my bestfriend Rachel.

1 quote: Broken hearts will never change..... Sleep is my only cure.


Life;; Life isn't like a baseball game... Its something you only get one chance at.

Death;; Everyone has to die sometime, Its just some peoples times come sooner than others.

Love;; Love is a magical thing... You cant just go looking for it... It will find you... And once it has... try not to let it just slip away.

This or that::

Milk or Juice;; Milk

Pink or Green;; pink

This...or That;;

You or We;; You

Love or Lust;; love

Silly or Sarcastic;;Silly

Break or Bury;;  break

Promote us SOMWHERE/(community, would be nice);;
Fav. article of clothing;; White tank top with light pink lace around the bottom, pearl neckless, Gray skirt with buttons.

Most random picture taken;;

i got bored one day at school and spelt my name out on the desk with plastic cube thingys... Everyone thought i was soo weird for taking a picture of it.. But i thought my master piece was too beautiful to destroy HEHEHE

most recent picture taken;;

CA6ZK92J.jpg (last night)

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST...You of course.
3+ pictures






(me left)



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