Courtney (catalystveritas) wrote in ___whores,

we don't need no stinkin' rules!

Name;; Courtney

Age;; 15

Location;; Marion, IL

Interests:: Wow...*copies and pastes from info* angelina jolie, bee, billy boyd, blood and chocolate, bobby pendragon, boys, carmen, cell phones, clothes, computers, d.j. machale, dancing, daniel radcliffe, degrassi, digital cameras, dominic monaghan, draco malfoy, draco/zacharias, drawing, el jay, eragon, eyeliner, eyeshadow, fanfiction, friends, gatorade, glitter, harry potter, ice cream, juicy coture, keanu reeves, laughing, lena, lightning bolt shaped scars, linkin park, lipgloss, lost, lotr, love, makeup, making graphics, mi novio, movies, msn messenger, music, neil gaiman, neverwhere, oranges, pendragon, photography, quiet-time, radio free roscoe, ray, reading, remus lupin, rupert grint, sharpies, singing, sirius black, skittles gum, slytherin, spader, spongebob, taking pictures, the pants, the suffix -ing, the telephone, tibby, tom felton, underwear, vampires, webcams, writing, xelarasel, your mom, zacharias smith, ♥.

7 bands;; Yellowcard, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, Godsmack, Tsunami Bomb, SKANK, Breaking Benjamin

6 movies Dodgeball, Empire Records, All 3 LotR, All 3 Harry Potters, Labrynth, 13 Going on 30

5 random objects Potatoe, Giftbox, Cellphone, Candle, Ribbon

4 books Blood and Chocolate, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter, Pendragon

3 foods Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Shrimp

2 idols Angelina Jolie and My mom

1 quote "Knowledge is power, power corrupts. Study hard, be evil."


Life;; Life kicks ass. Life is the greatest opportunity you could ever have. Make the best of it. Don't waste it.

Death;; The only reason I don't want to die is because that means I won't be able to see the people I love until they die too. Death is just another part of being human. There is stage 1, life, where you make the memories in which you love in stage 2, death. Death is where you reflect upon these memories for all of eternity. That was a little confusing.

Love;; No one really lives if they don't love someone. It doesn't matter who. Your mom, your grandpa, your goldfish, your best friend. As long as you love someone you're happy.

This or that::

Milk or Juice;; Mmmmmm I love orange juice so juice!

Pink or Green;; Green is my favorite color. ^_^ And pink is my second favorite. How convinient.

This...or That;; I'll take that, thank you!

You or We;; We!

Love or Lust;; Love. Definitely.

Silly or Sarcastic;; Silly.

Break or Bury;; Bury, hands down.


Promote us SOMWHERE/(community, would be nice);; here.

Fav. article of clothing;; My Marion Wildcats hoodie because it's comfrtable and warm.

Most random picture taken;;

most recent picture taken;;

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST...You of course.
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