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we don't need no stinkin' rules"

Name;; Sarah Janee

Age;; 15 years old

Location;; Edinburg, Texas


7 bands;; Relient K, Dashboard Confessional, MXPX, Further Seems Forever,Saves The Day,The Rocket Summer,The Starting Line

6 movies;; The Wedding Singer,Where The Heart Is, That Thing You Do, Chicago,Eurotrip, 13 going on 30 and The Wizard Of Oz

5 random objects Etch a Sketch, Ink Cartridge, Polish Remover,Ear Drops,Ornaments,Manger

4 books Oh gosh I really love these books: "She said Yes"," A Child called it","The Lost Boy and Notes From Underground

3 foods Anything Italian,Apetizers from Chilis and Salads lol I don't eat much i've had eating disorders before

2 idols Well I don't know if you all remember that show Rich Girls on MTV well them two were my idols lol .. I really want to be as RIch as they are get everything they want they remind me soo much of myself.. (ally and Jaime)
1 quote No guy is worth your tears and the one who is won't make you cry


Life;; Alot of people take life for granted and do appreciate it as much as they should.. I think God gave us this life to live it to it's fullest

Death;; Im affraid of death to tell you the truth the though of it scares me ..

Love;; Love is a freaken wonderful thing .. It makes me happy..Im in love with my boyfriend..At least I hope it's love we say that we love each other bu is it really love ? I think love in my opinion is when you see two Old people walking down the street together holding hands and happy.. Ahh yes..that I know is love!

This or that::

Milk or Juice;; Im the biggest sucker for fruit juices or any kind of juices..so JUICE it is!

Pink or Green;; Whoa this is crazy I love pink and lime green but if I had to choose between both I would so choose Pink

This...or That;;

You or We;; We

Love or Lust;; Love ♥

Silly or Sarcastic;; SIlly ..

Break or Bury;; Break

Promote us SOMWHERE/(community, would be nice);;

Fav. article of clothing;;
I bought that dress for a WInter Formal that was on Friday which by the way I got queen for!! lol
Most random picture taken;;
haha that was at a carnival and it was supposed to show our faces but we got the ugly back part yeap..

most recent picture taken;;

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST...You of course.

My best friend and I


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