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walk home drowning my memories in the rain

Name;; Tiffany Mays

Age;; 14.5

Location;; Dover NH


7 bands;; Allister, The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, The Ataris, Eiffel 65, Reel Big Fish, Fallout Boy

6 movies;; The Grudge, THE INCREDIBLES, Alice in Wonderland, Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealers, Grease, Nightmare on Elm Street

5 random objects;; Ian, Toaster, Boxer Breifs, Magic Wand, Stocking

4 books;; Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Wonderful Land of Oz, Speak, The Earth My Butt and Other Big Round Things

3 foods;; Spaghetti, Italian Ice, Oranges

2 idols;; Ashlyn, Alice

1 quote;; “We’re all girls here...or so you THINK.” -Ashlyn


Life;; Life can suck sometimes but other than that, it’s wicked cool. But you never know when you’re gonna die so you should try and make your life everything you’ve always wanted it to be before you do.

Death;; You’re gonna die someday, it’s a fact, so you shouldn’t try to avoid it or not think about it, but you can’t spend your days just thinking about it constantly. When it happens, it happens. So you should try and do as much stuff as you want to before it does.

Love;; Love can hurt, but love can be sweet. It think it feels so good because it can hurt so wicked bad.

This or that::

Milk or Juice;; Juice. Just the thought of drinking some substance that was once inside of a cow is gross, and milk tastes nasty. :\

Pink or Green;; Pink. But I like green too<3

This...or That;; (points to Ashlyn) THAT!

You or We;; We. I like being in groups.

Love or Lust;; That’s a hard one because love is so awesome but lust is kinda cool too...but I’d have to say love.

Silly or Sarcastic;; Laughter Sarcasm is the best medicine<3

Break or Bury;; I’d rather break something because you can fix it, but if you bury something it’s...gone.


Promote us SOMWHERE/(community, would be nice);;

Fav. article of clothing;; Well, I love my new Incredibles teeshirt. It’s red and it has the Incredibles “I” thing on it. I love it<3 I love the Disney store.

Most random picture taken;; I don’t really have random pics...I have weird pics though<3

Most recent picture taken;;

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST...You of course.
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