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we don't need no stinkin' rules


Name;; Jessi

Age;; 20

Location;; El Paso (east side)

Interests;; art, photagraphy, tattoos, piercings, people, movies, music, shows, and so on...

7 bands;; taking back sunday, a perfect circle, a7x, sugarcult, jet, greenday, muse and so on... 

6 movies;; toy story (both), the incredibles, tommy boy, good fellas, dazed and confused, falling down

5 random objects;; lip rings, green eyeshadow, cell phone, my black converse, blank cd's

4 books;; the cross and the switch blade, the shinning (great book!), tommy knockers, and IT

3 foods;; chinese!!! italian, potatos<3 hehe

2 idols;; eeek...sorry, dont have any.

1 quote;;  "Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes...just be an illusion"


Life;; you only have one so make the best of it. go after what u want. dont let anyone stop you or get in ur way. and never give up!

Death;; is scary. its something i dont really like to think about. i guess im more scared of losing someone close to me then actually dying myself. i dont think i'll be able to take something like that. eh next subject...

Love;; is a beautiful thing when the feeling is mutual. but if its not...theres just no words to describe how much that hurts.

This or that::

Milk or Juice;; Juice (apple. yummy)

Pink or Green;; Green

This...or That;; This

You or We;; You

Love or Lust;; Love

Silly or Sarcastic;; Sarcastic

Break or Bury;; Break


Promote us SOMWHERE/(community, would be nice);;

HOW'D YOU FIND OUT ABOUT US? i was checking out "Emo Glamour" but i thought this community was more up my ally because everyone says im a camera whore so yea =o)

Fav. article of clothing;; jeans a hoodies <3

Most random picture taken;;

when it snowed here the day before x-mas

most recent picture taken;;

my boys. charlie boy and teddy bear

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST...You of course.
3+ pictures


i have no idea what im lookin at...

trying to hard haha!

ummm....yea lol =op

and :::muah::: again


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