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we don't need no stinkin' rules!!!! XD

Name;; Minot [pronounced Men-no]
Age;; 16
Location;; Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada

Interests:: Voice Acting [amateur and professional], singing, shopping, my friends, video games, music, writing...

7 bands;;
Counting Crows
Linkin Park
All american rejects

6 movies
Butterfly Effect
Endless Waltz
Red Dragon
Catch me if you can
Man in the iron mask

5 random objects
My kitty!
Digicam Clark [I named him]
Mouse with heart drawn on it
Pumpkin pie
Dads wedding ring

4 books
Cries Unheard - Story of Mary Bell - Gitta Sereny
Endless Love - Scott Spencer
Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams

3 foods
Greek salad

2 idols
and .. nobody

1 quote
"And in between the moon and you the angels get a better view of the crumbling difference between wrong and right."


Life;; Let's live it up! [by ones own standards of 'living it up' ;)] have fun with it. Life is good, and if it isn't to you, get away and change it. The most amazing feeling is when you step outside and it hits you that you are just a little speck on this amazing, colorful scented world.

Death;; It's a terrible reality.. I don't really have an 'opinion' on it, since it's not really all that 'controversial' I just hope that the majority of death isn't accidental, murders, or suicide.

Love;; Love, when had properly, is a beautiful, amazing thing. Unfortunately, teenage love isn't taken seriously anymore due to the hundreds of ditzy bimbo girls who say I love you within the first three months of dating a guy, or asshole guys who say I love you for sex. There is real teenage love out there, it's just hard to find. As for love in general, it can be great, it can be terrible.

This or that::

Milk or Juice;; Juice 'fa sho

Pink or Green;; Pink

This...or That;; THIS! XD

You or We;; We

Love or Lust;; A rad mixture of both

Silly or Sarcastic;; Sarcastic

Break or Bury;; Break


Promote us SOMEWHERE/(community, would be nice);; _p_r_o_m_o_t_e_

Fav. article of clothing;; These pants.

Most random picture taken;;

Most recent picture taken;;

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST...You of course.


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