i love you, yet again i hate you so much. (retro_is_love) wrote in ___whores,
i love you, yet again i hate you so much.

we dont need no stinkin rules

Name;; dani

Age;; 15

Location;; tampa florida!!

Interests:: ;;

writing,photography,reading,listening to music,making music,playing in the rain(we get enough here in florida! lol),tanning,going to local concerts,haning with my friends and my boyfriend, jumping in pools with all our clothes on,and having a good time!!!!

7 bands;;

BRAND NEW!!!(mostly older),nirvana,evan escence,chevelle,breaking benjamin,taking back sunday,and the used,

6 movies;;

euro trip,sixteen candles,breakfast club,donnie darko,the craft,and practical magic.

5 random objects;;

camera,cd,plastic yard flamingo,pool,and big sunglasses.

4 books;;

"cat and mouse"-james patterson,"go ask alice"-anonymous, "the lake house"-james patterson ,and "the watcher"-james howe

3 foods,,

mozerella sticks!!!!!!!!!!! , checkers fries!!!!! chickfila chicken!!!!! (all bad for me) lol.

2 idols;;

marilyn monroe, and drew barymoore.(prolly spelt wrong..im sorry!)

1 quote;;

"beauty is fake, it is simply a opinion formed by industries to conform us all to look one way, and dress one way. so that we lose all of our quirky im perfections that make us individuals."- my mom.



 cherish it, have fun while it lasts because you wont be living for very long. make everything positive, so ou can spend everyday as if it were your last, not as a day of mourning but of a day of loving and caring.


 it happens, it shouldnt be feared. it is the way of life. take it as a blessing, youll be moving on to a new higher life. maybe youll re ancarante, maybe youll just lounge around forever in a happy place. whatever does happen, appreciate the time you spent here, while you were here. read the book tuesdays with morrie, its really sad. but it explains a lot about death.


its great,but sometimes it hurts like hell. you just have to ride it out. your gunna get hurt, but in the end youll find that special person you love and they love you back, and you wont have to worry about getting hurt again, if you know theyre the right one.

This or that::

Milk or Juice;; juice

Pink or Green;; ehh....HOT pink.

This...or That;; THAT!! that is awesome, and cool, and odd. like me!

You or We;; we, we is more fun because more of us means more to have fun with.

Love or Lust;; love!!! lust makes things wierd and awkward, and thats usually how rumors are started, but lust during love isnt too bad!

Silly or Sarcastic;; sarcastic, because its funny when people dont grasp the joke untill an hour later!

Break or Bury;; or wear as jewelry? which ever you prefer....ehh ummmm break it. because burying it means it might come back. !ouch my heart!

Promote us SOMWHERE/(community, would be nice);;


Fav. article of clothing;;

ok well i was going to pick my converse shoes, moe and bob. but in case you dont consider them a artical of clothing, then thos are too also my favortie pants.....soo i hit two in one stone.

Most random picture taken;;

ITS A FLAMINGO WITH A CROWWN!!!!!!! omg, lol. im sorry. but walking home from school one day. i had my camera. and i was like. a flamingo with a crown. it was a around halloween time. i was soo happy i took a picture.

most recent picture taken;;

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST...You of course.
3+ pictures

me and my boyfriend.....

im the one with no hat.


btw, ive had people ask. the red marks under my eye brows, are from getting the bottoms waxed. it was my first time. i really didnt need it. but ehh. i did it anyway...lol. so yeah just explaining.

 not a great pic, i just wanted to show off my fucking awesome big sunglasses....lol.

ok ehh the end.

 oh and  innerme  referred me here...yay for her...woo!!


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