Break me... (inlovingmemory_) wrote in ___whores,
Break me...


Kids, it's time for the talk Well you see, I think this has already been brought up with one of the other mod's but I thought i'd do it again because i saw it in a post. And I know I shouldn't be the first to talk because I'm terrible at saying no. But still. Some of you are simply saying "you look like someone I know who I hate" Which should count nothing against the vote. Because well, they aren't that person and they can't necessarily help that our something. BLAME THE DAMN PARENTS FOR THAT. Not tryin' to be harsh or anything but that's just what I'm thinking right about now.

I still love all my little photogenic friends.

{edit} I FINALLY gave the mod's the maintainer rights. o.x so now you can add stamped members on info or change stuff. <3{/edit}

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