What bitch, ya jealous?

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1. Apply within 48 hours
2. You must be 14 years of age. No younger.
3. Do not comment, or post anything except your own app until you're accepted.
4. If you can't take rejection, then dont apply.
5. If you get rejected, dont delete your application. You can repapply in a week.
6. In the subject line put "I am the sex" so we know you read the rules
7. LJ cut & Friends only are the greatest thing invented. DO USE, or your app will be deleted.
8. Make sure you have pictures if not, go get some, then apply.
9. DONOT use rich text mode.


1. Be active.
2. vote & be honest / harsh.
3. Promote as much as possible.
4. When voting put vote in subject line
5. When posting put STAMPED// in subject line
6. The voting is on a 1-10 basis. Not 'yes' or no. If you have an average of 7.5 or more you will be accepted.
7. Do the themes.
8. Promos for other communities can be used as long as they are under a lj-cut.
9. Make every entry FRIEND-ONLY, if it's not, it will be deleted.
10. Every picture post must be under a lj-cut, if not it will be deleted.
11. Mods can overrride any vote.
12. Fight with the mods, you'll get banned.

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Cassie hearts_go_bang
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Brooke starrgazer54


Members page


Referring an applicant - +4
Promoting [with verified link] - +5 each
Picture Post - +10
Text Only Post - +2
Making banners - +10 each
Participating in theme - +10
Winning theme - +20
Participating in scavenger hunt - +20
The first to complete the hunt - +30
Challenge a member - +5
Win a challenge - +15
Salute - +5

Each member who reaches 375 points will recieve one auto accept/reject.
If you are inactive for over one month with no explanation you will be put on probation.
When on probation you must earn 100 points in a month, if you don't you will have to re-apply.

To find out how many points you have click below.


Remember, the best way to keep this community going is to promote!
But please, do not spam. It only makes __werdup look bad.
When posting in your own personal journal or in another community please disable comments.
When promoting in someone's journal please DO NOT comment anonymously, especially if you want credit when they apply.


__werdup members are expected to participate in the weekly theme.
Every Sunday morning two members will be picked and it is up to the other members to
vote on the winner. The new theme will be posted at the same time.
Votes must be in by midnight on Sunday night.
Remember, you get 10 points for doing the theme and 20 for winning!

To find the new theme, click below & have fun


Every 1st and 3rd Monday of the week we will post a list of things for you to find.
Be creative! Try to get things that people haven't already done.
The hunt lasts for 12 days. The mods will choose three hunts on Sunday morning and votes must be in by midnight the same night. The winner may choose up to three items on the new hunt.

Click below for the list.