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Walt Shitman's Bad Poets' Circle

the doggerel dump

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Anybody , Moderated
Do you write poetry? Do you have the self-awareness to know that your poetry sucks? Do you enjoy reading the bad poetry of others? Have you ever attended a poetry reading hosted by a Barnes & Noble? If so, please become a tendril of this community and help fill it up with the random thoughts you jot down and call a poem.

Please give us your worst poetry: the ones riddled with cliches, out of place archaic language, sentimentality, pretentiousness, misguided experimentation, love letters you were too shy to give to someone, really lame hopes and dreams, poems about cats, and whatever else you suck at.

Give us your input and critiques: If you post a poem here, it is basically up for grabs to be mercilessly mocked and savaged. Since this is the place to suck, there's no reason to either be offended by comments or hold your own back. We are all in on the joke, as it were. If you don't want your poem commented on, I guess just say so or disable the comments or whatever.

Give us your ideas about poetry: Since terms like 'poetry' and 'literature' are fluid and fuzzy to me, I would love to get dicussions going on here about poetry, poets, and writers you like as well as do not like. You can tell us why you love/hate certain real writers. You know, those who got published outside of the Thrifty Shopper circulars.

I totally hate these moderators who list a bunch of rules and regulations about joining their precious community as if anyone gives a shit. I tried to make this as anarchic as possible, so you don't even have to join to post. Perhaps I will make a meaningless and retarded application to show my contempt, which you can fill out for fun. I guess my only rules would be no plagiarism and no posting child pornography. If you want to make a long post or post photos, that's cool, but us a lj cut (ask if you don't know how to cut.) And no poems about child pornography either, sicko.

absinthe, abstraction, absurdity, aldous huxley, alexander pope, anais nin, anarchy, andre gide, art, automatic writing, bad language, bad metaphors, bad poetry, baudelaire, beatrice, beats, beauty, beowulf, blank verse, blue stockings, bob dylan, boccaccio, books, borges, brian eno, bryan ferry, carl sandburg, charles bukowski, chaucer, cheesy poetry, chiasmus, cliches, cocaine, crap, criticism, cut ups, d.h. lawrence, dante, david bowie, def poetry jam, dorothy parker, drugs, dylan thomas, e.e. cummings, edgar lee masters, emerson, emily dickinson, epitaphs, erotica, evocations, expressionism, ezra pound, g.b. shaw, ginsberg, goethe, goya, gyres, h.p. lovecraft, henry miller, homer, horace, hot girls who write, hubris, iambic pentameter, incantations, innuendo, irony, j.g. ballard, james joyce, jazz, jean cocteau, jim morrison, jingles, john berryman, junkies, kafka, karaoke, keats, keroauc, leonard cohen, lester bangs, limericks, longfellow, lou reed, love letters, marc bolan, metonymy, misanthropy, mockery, morphine, morrissey, nabokov, nick cave, northrop frye, oscar wilde, ovid, pablo neruda, parody, people who suck, performance art, petrarch, philosophy, pink floyd, poe, poetry, poetry concrete, pretentiousness, propaganda, proust, public speaking, rimbaud, robert frost, robert lowell, robert smith, roxy music, samuel beckett, sarcasm, satire, seamus heaney, serge gainsbourg, shakespeare, shelley, slam poetry, song lyrics, spencer, stream of consciousness, sylvia plath, symbolists, synecdoche, t.s. eliot, ted hughes, the divine comedy, the donnas, the marx brothers, the raven, the smart set, thomas mann, trimalchio, trite ideas, verlaine, verse, virgil, w.c. fields, waifs, walt whitman, warhol, william s burroughs, writers' feuds, writing groups, yeats