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Ruminations (or, Virginia Woolf's Got Nothing On Me)

Withered bee carcass
on the ledge caught
between the window glass and screen.
I bet you wish you had brought a little bee map
to find your way out of that window.

I don't know who replaced Louie Anderson on Family Feud, so...


Jewels of applause, and I,
bedecked in finery (oh )
having met the gladhanded
Louie Anderson
with four (untranslatable}

Then, arriving at my destination
the bzzzzr
and the question is
-Name a game show host
and with lightning reflexes
I stake my claim to sing an answer
bedecked in reflex

And turning to me
albino smile and kindness
and I must respond
not with your name
but Bob Barkers'
The resonant timbre of
Survey SAYS...
was never so sad
nor the clanging bell of number one
so cruel.
bedecked in misery.

Let's be engaging

Okay guys, don't you hate it when people who are YOUNG write the poetry of 80-year olds, with fifty-mile-long sentences and horrible, flowy words.

i know i do.

which leads me to this:

mine would definitely have to be "patina". i just hate it. it's pretentious, and it sounds like some kind of rash caused by VD. and everyone uses it in their shitty poetry... "a rich patina of gold", "a cold patina of lost over her grave", "a patina of lust shone on our bodies, now merged as one"... fuck

i'm bored, let's talk on this one

The Beatles are poets, right?

Your Score: Ringo Starr

You scored -2 Extraversion and -7 Stability!

You are a thoughtful ponderer with a Ringo disposition. Often very kind and considerate, Ringos like you can be highly creative but also can become overly obsessed on the tragedy and cruelty in the world, thus becoming depressed. A Ringo is also often a perfectionist, being very particular about what they want and how they want it in some cases. This often results in being unsatisfied with one's own artistic or creative works, always pointing out to themselves what could and should be improved.

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A poem for a friend...

As if it came from the guy she has her eye on --

Your eyes are like the sun,
I look into them...and my pupils tan.
Your voice is like sweet music -- that I jam to when I play guitar hero.
And the rhythm that I dance to when I'm playing DDR...that's the pitter-patter of my heart when I'm thinking of you
I love you...almost as much as I love tacos,
But definitely more than I love those annoying little messages on the hot sauce packets...
Like, "Will you marry me?"

Note. Note. NOthing. Actually, note nothing.

Hi, I'm new, I really like the concept of this community...that being that it has no concept and that it is "anarchic" as you said. Well, anyway, I'm great at sucking in poetry, so am eager to give it a try now...let's just take a word and think of something to write..okay, here goes, I guess.

note this nothing
in a world of everythings,
note this one nothing standing,
breathing, nothing,
you and i in a chain reaction of dust,
which is, after all,

and all of what once was said
or thought or did
by those other everythings,
comes to nothing now in our eyes
in our lives
we are nothing
and so we cannot die,
cannot be reduced to anything,

paradox, irony, paradox.
note, note, note this
as it passes you by on the street,
you may wonder - what do i want you to note
- nothing -
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