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application biotch

Location:davidson, NC
Marital Status:married with kids...JK single
Shoe size:8 1/2

Favorite type of music:emo, screamo, indie, electronic pop, acoustic
5 favorite bands:peachcake, panic! at the disco, pelvic thrust, from first to last, the rocket summer
TV Shows:degrassi, gilmore girls, the o.c., one tree hill, southpark
Movies:donnie darko, alice in wonderland, HEATHERS, thirteen, girl, interupted
Colors:green and yellow, pink, turqoise
Curse word:sh_t(my parents have a computer block for cus words)
Type of shoes (and picture if possible):

'cept my converse are ove a year old and written on. sorry I posted 2, I couldn't choose
Sports to play:midget basketball (bloody rad)
Sports to watch:hockey (i'm from MI, they would smite me if I didn't...it's in my blood)
Actors:adam brody, danial ratcliffe, christian slater, jackson rathbone, jake richardson
Actresses:alexis bledel, evan rachel wood, rose mcgowen, winona rider, christina ricci
5 favorite Books:catcher in the rye, the perks of being a wallflower, girl, interupted, gingerbread, the harry potter books...im such a loser
Link your 5 favorite websites:1.my myspace (so i dont have to give you a full bio)2.this is specially for my homeboy foamy3.for conor oberst (gah, i love his last name, its lik O-BURST!!!, it makes me happy)4.I want to learn how to do my makeup like jeffree, he can look fabulous acting bulimic5.This is a link to my journal!5.my favorite magazine

George Bush. Do you agree or disagree with his policies, practices or ideas? Why?NO, he might as well be against human rights of any kind
Politics. What party do you identify with? Do you vote? Do you participate in rallies, protests or campaigns? Why?Democrat; no i'm not of age; no, truthfully im way to lazy
School. What activities or clubs to you belong to?GSA(2 of my best friends are the leaders)
Gay Marriage. Do you agree or disagree with it? Why?agree, love is love love doesn't see gender
Foamy The Squirrel:Gotta love foamy, my personal favorite internet cartoon. Altho potterpuppetpal.com touches your inner child

How many pairs of shoes do you own?10 mostly flats, converses, and slip-on vans
Are you friends with the mods?no
Promote to three places and provide us with the link:
Tell us about your physical appearance and your personality:People tell me i am pretty, I guess i'm ok looking; I can make friends with almost anyone, my mood changes within hours, I love to laugh and make people laugh, I have alot of friends
Ask two of your friends to describe you in one word and tell us what they say:this probubly makes me a loser but i really did ask the people;My 1st friend said "if I didnt know better i'd think tou were a crank addict who tops it off with pot"i don't really get it but thats what she said; friend#2"random"thats a little more self explanatory
Why do you want to be in the community?Cause da' WOOT is da' sex
Where did you hear about us?saw you on my friends old profile, liked your name

2 pics minimum! No links, please post actual pics:

(left to right)ashley, me, shaina

(left to right)me, shaina

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