&!&!&!&! Let us blow your mind

...No pun intended

♥ We're hot bitches and we know it. ♥
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!&!&!We're hot and we know it bitches!

♥Rules for Joining♥

1. You must submit your application with 48 hours of joining.
2. Please please please use an lj cut. <*lj-cut text="Look at my beautiful application"*>
Post application here.<*/lj-cut*> Just take out the *'s.
3. If you can't take the heat then don't join. We judge on looks as well as personality. If you don't want a bruised ego then don't join. Unless you're 100% sure you're a vain beauty.
4. Don't get pissy if someone says no it's their vote...just be grateful they took time to go through your application.
5. Promote us.
6. You can't be any younger than 14. Male and Females are welcome to apply.
7. Must post 3 or more pictures. Must be clear shots and no fake photos.
♥The application baby!♥

♥Rules for Members♥

1.Once you are stamped as accepted you may post anything you want.
2. Don't harass/fight with each other. I will ban you if you do.
3. Promote
4. Stay active.
5. When voting please give reasons why you are voting yes or no.
6. Please don't spam this community.. promoting every once in a while in here is fine but not so that it's just a promoting community.
7. When voting put your vote (yes or no) in the subject line. It's easier to count up the votes. =P And then in the text box list your reasons.





Please link to ___vain_beauty