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New Fatal Rupture and Bound.org

well if you didn't figure it, my xml player doesn't kickstart like it used to, and that's cause I added an flash mp3 player, like the ones you see on most people's smyspaces as of late. I has a slew of new tracks and remixes by my boy Fatal Rupture from San Diego-California. He's an 'aggressive electro dark/harsh-terror ebm' artist in a whole new leage. ,and as of yet unsigned. He'll be coming out with a demo later this summer [looks like the next few weeks/by late June/early July], the songs are in high quality so you'll get a good sond out of the player and I have plenty of Bandwidth on my site :)

mp3player on http://www.myspace.com/elektrosniper

Best you listen, cause he's really fuckin good!
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