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I be thirteen and new!

1. Name -- Jennifer.
2. Age -- thirteen.
3. Birthdate (mm, dd, yyyy) -- 07281991.
4. Favorite Color -- ...pink? I'm not sure if white and...er...white count since they're shades...
5. Food -- Ice cream.
6. 5 Music (bands/singers) -- The Killers, Dead Poetic, He Is Legend, Thursday, and All-American Rejects.
7. Describe your 3 closest friends -- All of them are different. Very different. One's really shy, introverted until you get to know her. She also has a great sense of humour and can get her mother (who's really cool) to take her to nearly any concert she wants. Another's quite outgoing, into cooking and do-it-yourself stuff, and very very intelligent. The last is outgoing, hyper, very caring, and is always there for me when I need her. We've shared lots of laughs.
8. Picture -- Prepare for ultimate ugliness. Hahaha...

9. Where did you hear about this community? -- Well, I clicked on someone's interests and they had the same interest as this community, and so I checked you guys out and the rest is history, I suppose.
10. Where do you plan on promoting it once you are accepted? -- My LJ. =) and I'll tell one of my friends who is also thirteen and has an LJ. Hahaha.
11. How do you feel about gay marraige? -- It's their decision. They're humans, too, and deserve to marry the ones they love. Their sexual orientation shouldn't matter. I think it's legal here in Canada.
12. Abortion? -- Their decision. But think about this: You're taking somebody's life.
13. If you could say anything to Michael Jackson, what would you say? -- How's it going? I certainly hope you didn't molest those innocent children.
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