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1. Name -- Becca
2. Age -- 13 OF COURSE!
3. Birthdate (mm, dd, yyyy) -- August 29, 1991 (08/29/91)
4. Favorite Color -- Baby blue or yellow.
5. " Food -- MASHED POTATOES!!!
6. 5 " Music (bands/singers) -- The Who, The Beatles,  anything on my Garden State soundtrack, Simon and Garfunkel, and of course HUCKAPOO! 
7. Describe your 3 closest friends -- Grace(ht eamazingly funny dancer), Megan(the incredibly smart actress), Lizzy(the finky little other dancer), and Kenzaaaaaa( the astonishingly beautiful singer)! I LOVE THEM ALL AND COULDNT LIVE WITHOUT THEM!
8. Picture (optional) --

9. Where did you hear about this community? -- Grace
10. Where do you plan on promoting it once you are accepted? -- In my journal, other communities, and friends journals.
11. How do you feel about gay marraige? -- Love shouldnt be limited because of your sex, and marriage should not be just between a man and a woman. It should be between you and who you love. 
12. Abortion? -- Its YOUR body, not the governments.
13. If you could say anything to Michael Jackson, what would you say? -- Hey did you know my best friend from elementary school, Lauren, has a dad named Stan? Yes that Stan. The pyscologist who originally accused you of molesting that boy.


Hope I get in:)

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