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1. Name -- Anna

2. Age -- Thirteen

3. Birthdate (mm, dd, yyyy) -- December Fourteenth Nineteen Ninety One

4. Favorite Color -- Rainbow

5. " Food -- Chili, Spaghetti, Sourdough Bread

6. 5 " Music (bands/singers) -- Wilco, Coldplay, Postal Service, Cary Brothers, Maroon Five

7. Describe your 3 closest friends --
       *Laura- beautiful, charming, hilarious, TALL
       *Meghan- indescribable..hot mama, smartest person ever
       *Jordan- lovable, tasty, tiny and big at the SAME TIME!

8. Picture (optional) -
yay for being in the news!

9. Where did you hear about this community? -- Searching "13" under "Interests"

10. Where do you plan on promoting it once you are accepted? -- Where ever I want to...

11. How do you feel about gay marraige? -- I don't have any problems with gays and lesbians, but I'm so-so about them getting married...

12. Abortion? -- Against it in some situations..but undecided...

13. If you could say anything to Michael Jackson, what would you say? -- 'i want your nose.'
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