E t h E L (soup_de_jour) wrote in ___usbethirteen,
E t h E L

1. Name -- Ethel Stevens 2. Age -- urmm..13?

3. Birthdate (mm, dd, yyyy) -- December 14th, 1991

4. Favorite Color -- lime green, rainbow, pink, orange..tie-tye

5. Food -- POG juice and sugar cookies

6. 5 Music (bands/singers) -- death cab for cutie, postal service, cary brothes, snow patrol, catpower

7. Describe your 3 closest friends --       
        Alexa- AMAZING. funniest person alive, man..gawd..       
        Danielle- gorgeous. my idol...^likewise^       
        Oliver- hottest and funniest guy everrr..i love him so much

8. Picture (optional) --

9. Where did you hear about this community? -- searching>interest>13

10. Where do you plan on promoting it once you are accepted? -- friends journals..where ev

11. How do you feel about gay marraige? -- does it really affect you if 2 people of the same gender get married..i think not

12. Abortion? -- ha, hate me..but i'm against it. i was adopted..think where i would've been if my real mom had had an abortion..

13. If you could say anything to Michael Jackson, what would you say? -- random question..buttt "your a cock sucking wiener puss...but hey..thrillers pretty awesome..MWUAH"

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