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Just joined

1. Name Ashley!
2. Age 13 lol
3. Birthdate 6-24-91
4. Favorite Color sparkly blues lol
5. " Food nething white chocolate lol
6. 5 " Music (bands/singers) BRAND NEW! MARIO usher simple plan and....maroon 5!
7. Describe your 3 closest friends alex can make neone laugh and is usually always happy. Nikki i can act stupid in front of her and it wont matter and heather is my cuzzin but shes my best friend shes so silly and just out there shes awsome
8. Picture (optional) --
9. Where did you hear about this community? i was looking around for 13 stuff (the movie)
10. Where do you plan on promoting it once you are accepted? my journal and info
11. How do you feel about gay marraige? it is a given right to marry who ever you want to
noone should be able to tell you who you can or cant marry
12. Abortion? its terrible i think if you were un responsible enough to not have safe sex the least you can do is look at other options like adoption you could be killing the next president all bcuz you couldnt handle it!
13. If you could say anything to Michael Jackson, what would you say? Ur creepy but you have the most AMAZING moves lol
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