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The Rules- Applicants:
-You are not allowed to comment on any post other than your own until you are accepted.
-If you do not get accepted, you are welcome to submit a new application after two weeks. You MUST submit new pictures.
-Do not argue with accepted members or mods. We will vanquish you. You will be banned.
-You must submit an application within 48 hours of joining this community. Don't be a creepy stalker.

Once you are accepted please submit and 100x100 jpg. photo of yourself for the accepted members page. <3

You cannot comment, rate, and especially insult anyone... if you are not a member.

The Rules -Members:
-Try not to make text only posts. You've been accepted. You're hot. Show us more.
-Try to give reasoning behind a 'yes' or 'no'. Don't be biased or unnecessarily cruel. Be honest though, even if it is a little harsh.
-You will get 48 hours to vote on new applicants. After the 48 hours a mod should count the votes and accept or reject the applicant.

Everyone.. have fun. It's a ratings community. It's lame. If you don't get accepted, don't worry.. I'm sure you'll still get married and have kids, though they may be ugly kids, oh well.

To Apply---Place the following behind a cut:

Top 5 Bands:
Top 5 Movies:
Top 5 Books:
Favorite Poet:
Favorite Painter:
Favorite quote:
Political views:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink:
Do you speak a foreign language?:
Using one word, describe yourself:
Future Ambitions:
Advertise this community right NOW to two or more people/comm. Who? Where?:
Most Importantly, Are you happy?:
(Two or More 100x100 or larger clear Pictures)


Let me make this a little more obvious for those of you who supposedly missed it...

Also.. Whore your comm. We're gonna whore our's.
[That means... if you promote your community or a community you're in, WE ARE GOING TO PROMOTE OURS BACK. Got that? <3