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Name: pat
Age: 16
Location: South Jersey
Top 5 Bands: Rembering Never, Cursive, Dillenger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, A Static Lullaby
Top 5 Movies: white oleander, salt lake city punks, clockwork orange, full metal jacket, Resivour Dogs
Top 5 Books: fight club, 1984, a density of souls - chris rice, charlotes web, tale of the body theif - anne rice
Favorite Poet: elliot smith
Favorite Painter: dont have one
Favorite quote: "If you want to commit suicide you can use my razor; it's electric, but you can hang yourself with the cord" -a line from a song wrote called A Cat Baked In An Oven Isnt A Cake
Hobbies: being the singer of a band, writing, listening to music, going to any shows i can get my stubby little hands near, drinking too much, mood swings
Political views: the next four years look to be hell but i dont think it would be any diffrent with some one else to blame for it.
Favorite Food: jello... green
Favorite Drink: Jagermiester, or a Screaming Nazi
Do you speak a foreign language?: nope
Using one word, describe yourself: Hungover
Future Ambitions: ill be taking my 1st semester of college this year with standard courses but some time i hope to advance form the remeadial side to something more... benifical
Advertise this community right NOW to two or more people/comm. Who? Where?:
Most Importantly, Are you happy?: heh, i have all reasons to be but not really


they all arent that great but hey im not that much of a looker
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