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Name:Erica Face
Top 5 Bands:joj/scarling, melt banana, hole, nirvana, radiohead
Top 5 Movies:a clockwork orange, welcome to the dollhouse, MAY, suicide club, tromeo and juliet(not a typo)
Top 5 Books:anything by francessca lia block, PARADOXIA-lydia lunch, courtney love:the real story-poppy z. brite, sex and sunsets-tim sandlin, incriminating evidence-lydia lunch
Favorite Poet:lydia lunch
Favorite Painter:dennis worden
Favorite quote:"rock on tampon"-lisa lynn
Hobbies:collecting pictures/cut-outs, assembling collages, collecting useless shit, guitar
Political views:libertarian-less government! who the fuck are they to tell me i can't have an abortion? how do THEY know whats good for us? they don't live like any "average" citizen.errrrr
Favorite Food:all see food, chicken tequitos
Favorite Drink:diet vanilla coke/ Jack Daniels
Do you speak a foreign language?:little spanish
Using one word, describe yourself:vindictive (i've been told)
Future Ambitions:to own and operate an independent record label, have lots of close friends
Advertise this community right NOW to two or more people/comm. Who? Where?:
drowned dollies
Most Importantly, Are you happy?:at this moment yess.

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