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<b>Name:</b> CeCe
<b>Location:</b> Manassas, VA.. about 45 mins. away from DC
<b>Top 5 Bands:</b> Jack Off Jill, Led Zepplin, Johnathan Rice, Nirvana, AFI
<b>Top 5 Movies:</b> Fight Club, White Oldeander, Anastasia{did I spell it right?}, Full Metal Jacket, 13
<b>Top 5 Books:</b> Go Ask Alice, While Oleander, Lovely Bones, Goodnight, Mr. Tom, And Then There Were None
<b>Favorite Poet:</b> I know.. cliche. but, Edgar Allen Poe
<b>Favorite Painter:</b> I'm actually friends with a local painter.. Nancy Ingram
<b>Favorite quote:</b> "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." ~Albert Einstein
<b>Hobbies:</b> writing, playing piano, a bit of guitar, dance, photography
<b>Political views:</b> I think, basically saying <b>BUSH CAN GO TO HELL</b> says it all{sorry if you don't allow swearing!!!} I feel he totally neglected enviormental issues, lost too many jobs, lies, and went into war with Iraq too fast.
<b>Favorite Food:</b> my mom's homemade chicken enchiladas.. yummy
<b>Favorite Drink:</b> Cherry Coke :)
<b>Do you speak a foreign language?:</b> Hebrew/Yiddish, and I'm in German 1 this year.
<b>Using one word, describe yourself:</b> emotional
<b>Future Ambitions:</b> I want to either become a famous writer, or a photojournalist for a top magazine/newspapper when I'm older, and know 10 different languages. ..I have a ways to go. I want to know Russian!
<b>Advertise this community right NOW to two or more people/comm.</b> Who? Where?: stained_by_lies, witchcunts
<b>Most Importantly, Are you happy?:</b> no. I know I'm really selfish, but you can't help but get annoyed when your parents are constantly pushing you, your mom and brother blame you for everything wrong in their lives, constantly getting hit by your brother, and other things too. I plan on fixing everything though. That's the type of person I am though- a fixer. As long as it doesn't have too much to do with myself. ^^;

hope ya like!

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