Miss Anne Thrope (living_deadgurl) wrote in ___tres_belle,
Miss Anne Thrope

Skin Advice

Hey gals,

I need some skin care advice...

Ever since about a month into my pregnancy, my skin has broken out into awful acne. My face, neck, back and chest.

I havent' had acne since I was 11, and it was never this bad. I know it's due to hormonal changes et cetera., but I wanted to know if anyone else had had this problem and what I can do to help lessen the break outs, whether product wise, diet, whatever!

I'm eating very healthy. The center I'm at prepares our meals and it's usually very healthy foods.

I've also got a variety of cleansers. Mainly for oily skin, because that's what i have, and acne prone skin. I've gotten some exfoliants, creams, cleansers, astringents... I'M AT A LOSS!!!



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