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So i decided to join, because
this is almost dead, and it could use another

1. Name: Jesus Caro
2. Where yer from: El Paso Texas
3. Age: 16
4. Ten of your favorite bands: Le Shok, Crimson curse, thunderbirds are now, honeyhander, sigur ros, the plot to blow up the eiffel tower, the locust, holy molar!.
5. 3 words that describe you: Chill, Relaxed, Critical
6. Your favorite dance move: ??? the elevator?
7. 5 favorite movies: Elephant, Fight club, hackers, troy, gladiator, back to the future.
8. 5 favorite books: Anthem, invisible monsters, choke, lord of the flies.
9. Tell us about yourself: Meat free, God free, Drug free.
10. What separates you from the rest of the livejournal fucks: I haven't the slightest idea.
11. If you could live in any decade, which would you choose and why: 80s? so i can be in back to the future.
12. Why you want to be accepted: Just to be chill, and meet cute girls.
13. Word association:
Banana: blah blah blah blah?
Electric: mometric?
Screamo: wierdo
Bang: gang
Shimmy!: jimmi
14. For/Against:
Abortion: Depends, it has to do with the situation.
The war: Depends what side you see to it.
Gay marriage: Against (sorry)
15. How did you find us?: it matched one of my interests.
16. Promote us somewhere and paste the link:
17. Are you on myspace? If so, paste the link.
18. Atleast 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself:

None of these have ever been photoshopped, just resized.

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    I don't wanna see this community die!

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