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he gave away his heart like it was his to give away


1. Name: Shannon Christine Cecilia Lafferty

2. Where yer from: philadelphia

3. Age: 16

4. Ten of your favorite bands:
he space holiday
the autumn defense
american football
joanna newsom
idiot pilot
bright eyes
damien rice

5. 3 words that describe you: real - reseliant- multifarious
6. Your favorite dance move: robot

7. 5 favorite movies: 
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
almost famous
igby goes down
good will hunting
american beauty

8. 5 favorite books:
on the road
escape from freedom
the da vinci code
the exorcist
brave new world

9. Tell us about yourself:
my name is shannon. i have a red tail boa and her name is scarlet. people hear that i have a snake and they automatically think it's weird or gross because it's not a real pet, but i love her to death. i play guitar. i have a strat and it's just lovely. i dont drink/smoke/any o that good stuff because i find that my mind is too brilliant to be fucked with my that stufff. my idol/hero, is spencer tunick. he is a man, who has taken an idea that most would consider wierd or gross and turned it into beauty. the human body takes many forms and can be represented in many different ways depending on the "type". spencer has taken ever shape of the naked body and has made it beautiful. that truely inspires me. someday, i hope to play the harp. im in a band called ophelia. i am going to be a pilot. i dont want to, or hope to .. i will in fact bea pilot..and fly .. and be in control. my ulmitmate goal, is to go around the world, and see the original version of every van gogh painting, not in a private gallery.

10. What separates you from the rest of the livejournal fucks: I didnt apply for this community so that i could feel good if i get accepted, but im actually intrested in talking to people of similar interest. i have more of an interest in hearing other people's opinions and ideas, rathe than critisizing another 14 year old because of their music taste.

11. If you could live in any decade, which would you choose and why: well, i was born in 89, but i wish i was a teenager in the 80s. the style and the music was just, amazing. although it's weird and crazy, i cant get enough of the cure.

12. Why you want to be accepted: i dont really apply for communities. i applied for this one, because it's almost as if, it's not a place to impress or be impressed as opposed to many other lj communities, but i would actually enjoy talking to people of similar views and intrests.

13. Word association:
Banana: Shana (my nickname is shana banana)
Electric: slide
Screamo: emo
Bang: yeah yeah yeahs
Shimmy!: shimmy co co puff

14. For/Against:
Abortion: i myself, would never choose to get an abortion. it's irresponsible. although, i am for it. i would rather have a baby aborted, than to have two 15 year olds walking around with a baby that they can not take care of. at that point, it's no longer about right or wrong, but more about how the babys life will turn out.   of course you have them certain issues everyone talks about that are understandable (rape, birth defect, etc.) but for the most part, i find abortion as just the completly wrong way to go about another life.
this may be weird, but i have a huge fear of over population. our world is rapidly popluating. if we, found a cure for cancer, aids, hiv, or ended abotion, do you have ANY idea how over populated our perfect little world will become. scientists say that we have no more than 30 years left of out natural resources. let's double the number of people of earth and see how much more of our natural resources are left.
abortion does not just affect a mother or a baby, but our world.
the war: i hate war. to me, fighting is the most pointless and unaviodable thing.
Gay marriage: marriage is a bond. a promise under god to swear your love for someone until the day you die. i find it impossible for you to present a reasonable arguement to me, of how two people with the same sex organs can't do that. marriage is not something to be approved by a president or preist, but by the undying unconditional love within a couple.
15. How did you find us? i searched for similar intests under her space holiday. you caught my eye

16. Promote us somewhere and paste the link:
17. Are you on myspace? If so, paste the link.
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