whoa, no one has updated this thing in FOREVER! and there is only 3 members. well, what can i say? whatever. i think us THREE members are the cooolest, no?

so whats new?
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*whirls a finger in the air*

Hey everyone. I just got back from TN and stuff on vacation. I went there for a week. Just thought I'd like to let you know I was back, and I apologize for my disappearance, and no....I'm not dead. Heh.

I'm alive, see? Well, I'm back. I didn't get run over by any runaway tumbleweeds or anything. ^_^
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love kills, romance is dead.

i didn't feel like putting this behind a cut, because you probably wouldn't click it. and they wouldn't be seen. x-posted to lots of other places, originally in my personal LJ.</p>

[oh yeah.. it's done with acrylic paint, in my sketch book, using q-tips.]

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hey you guys. straight from the goonies. haha, word.
sorry that i haven't been up to date with this.
i just got my power back from charley...
+ school and trying to find a FITTING job.

maybe, it's too much to ask. but i say that everybody should try to promote this community to at least one person in the next few days.