Am I FETCH enough? <3

Birthday: July 20th
Location: Chicago
Nationality: Russian Jewish American
Single or taken?: Single
Hobbies: AIMing and Livejournaling
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Character in Mean Girls: Regina George
Clothing brand(s): Abercrombie, H&M, Gap, Express
Makeup brand(s): Mac, Loreal, Estee Lauder
Color(s): Lime Green and Pink
Band/Singer(s): Maroon 5
Actor: Matt Damon
Actress: Julia Stiles and Lindsay Lohan
Place to hang: Movies, friends houses, starbucks, borders, barnes and noble, pool hall
Song(s): Ashlee Simpson- Lala and Jesse Mcartney- Beautiful Soul

Opinions (Be honest!)
Britney Spears: Fake. I know she may be really pretty and many young girls idols, but everything about her is fake or so it seems. All little girls aspire to be like her...a skank
Xtina: Used to like her back in her genie days and then when she started being whorish i started disliking her, but now back to liking her because shes going back to classy.
Paris Hilton: Such a ditz, but its hilarious to watch her and Nikki make fools of themselves. They're HOT :)
Sluts: They happen and they're everywhere and they're nasssttyy
Fat people: Can't control their metabolism. Leave them alone...but you can still look and think comments to yourself:)
Ugly people: Should get plastic surgery because otherwise their lives will be turned upside down because society nowadays doesnt look at personality...its all about looks
Your parents: They can be so freakin annoying at times but at other times you just love them.
Your siblings (if you have any): My sister and brother in law are the awesomest. Couldn't ask for anything better. I can share everything with them and do everything with them. AWESOME!
Smoking: Against all types of smoking because its nasty and bad for you
Drinking: Occasionally okay.
Drunk driving: disgusting! Think of all the lives that are taken every year. Ew.

What do you consider your best physical features are? Why?: My eyes because they're bluish greenish and i always get complimented
Do you care about how others think of you?: I truly do care, but i try to hide the fact that it hurts when people say shit about you and how you look....even though i love doing that about other people because im a bitch :)
Describe your personality: Nice and BITCHY lol, PMSy sometimes, im really fun to be around and funny, i make people laugh all the time, im really out going too, and semi- friendly with people i dont know
What do you look for in a guy?: I look for a guy thats not into a relationship for play and someone that i will feel safe with and can trust.
If you had *3* wishes, what would they be?: I wish to be so fetch that i get in!!! I wish that i could have everything i want, and definantly more moneyyyyyy
Include a picture of yourself: I really don't know how but if you IM me on AIM at Babyface102938 and tell me you're from livejournal...ill send you a few pictures!!
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Am I Fetch Enough <3 ?

Sex:girlie girl
Location:Arizona, but Cali after May
Single or taken?:hmmm.....single
Hobbies:shopping,boys,shopping,boys,shopping,boys, oh and tennis
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Character in Mean Girls:regina george
Clothing brand(s):abercrombie kids, abercrombie and fitch, hollister,bebe,bebe sport,bcbgirls,guess
Makeup brand(s):lancom,MAC,benefit,cargo lipgloss is the best!!!
Color(s):pink, powder blue
Band/Singer(s):britney spears, ashlee simpson, lindsay lohan,yellowcard,rooney, and more
Actor:james franco
Actress:jennifer gardener
Place to hang:scottsdale fashion square,university
Song(s):Boys-Britney Spears, Daisy Duke-Rooney

&;Opinions (Be honest!)
Britney Spears:hott!!!
Xtina:slutty turned poser sweet...don't dig it
Paris Hilton:i love her sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!
Sluts:corey koepple stupid TRAIN GURL!!!!angela, kelly-acne-ridden-hoebag
Fat people:grossy angela,OMG what a stpid biatch, Tiffany I hate her with a passion i want her to fall down the staircase.....
Ugly people:all of the above plus mrs.gibson and leticia,she tried to steal trevor before i dumped his sry ass
Your parents:they pay for stuff I love them soooooo much
Your siblings (if you have any):they are ok....3 younger....two lil brothers and a sister whom I mold
Drinking:at parties
Drunk driving:no that kills people

&; Yourself
What do you consider your best physical features are? Why?:smile and my sweet-ass,nice and white,nice and tan
Do you care about how others think of you?:my looks not my personality
Describe your personality:bubbly,carefree,funny
What do you look for in a guy?:hottness,funniness
If you had *3* wishes, what would they be?:to make out with ashton,to marry rich, world peace...hehe
Include a picture of yourself:pic on icon<33333

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am i fetch enough?

well i dont know how to post a picture so if you NEED one ,,, my aol screen name is xoxschoenx051

Name: vanessa
Age: 13
Sex: female
Birthday: june 23, 1991
Location: iowa
Nationality: german
Single or taken?: taken
Hobbies: dancing, singing, shopping, computer, hanging out with friends

Character in Mean Girls: cady and regina
Clothing brand(s): volcom, aeropostale, abercrombie wow what a variety...
Makeup brand(s): covergirl, NYC
Color(s): pink!
Band/Singer(s): green day, jojo, eminem, ashlee simpson, the killers, lots of others
Actor: ashton kutchur & chad michael murray
Actress: lindsay lohan
Place to hang: movies, mall
Song(s): boulevard of broken dreams, 1 2 step, mockingbird, lots of others

&;Opinions (Be honest!)
Britney Spears: cant stand her
Xtina: dont like her
Paris Hilton: she seems pretty cool everyone likes her, shes gorgeous.. but the thing with the sex scandle videos.. i dunno
Sluts: umm.. they need to put on some clothes and get away from the guys! lol..
Fat people: sucks to be you!
Ugly people: dunno sad i guess?
Your parents: ehh they ok
Your siblings (if you have any): i love them!
Smoking: gross.. causes cancer, smells, ect. just dont do it
Drinking: just watch how much you drink and dont drive... but gotta love smirnoff ice..!
Drunk driving: retarded

&; Yourself
What do you consider your best physical features are? Why?: my personality.. if people would just not worry about the looks and REALLY get to know me.. and look past what they seem to know.. im really nice
Do you care about how others think of you?: yes
Describe your personality: on the outside i seem to be a snob.. but im really not im just lovin life and trying to get over all the bad stuff..
What do you look for in a guy?: nice, not too ugly, not a big pimp.. cuz i dont want girls all over him or a chance he could cheat on me or something.. that would just make me nervous.. i like guys with shaggy hair and are skateboarders thats hott..
If you had *3* wishes, what would they be: that me and my boyfriend stay together a long time, that my hair wasnt curly, that people would just like me for who i am

Am I FETCH enough???

Name: Nicole Ashley
Age: 17.. 18 in less than two mos. tho ;)
Sex: Yes. .. i mean, FEMALE.. can guys be plastic??
Birthday: April 1st 1987
Location: Ohio
Nationality: American
Single or taken?: Bran has my heart, but I guess I'm single.
Hobbies: Doin' hair, partyin, and shopping.
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Character in Mean Girls: Regina... When it comes to teen royalty.. I reign.
Clothing brand(s): Abercrombie, Hot Kiss, Gap, Louis Vuitton, Guess, and Baby Phat
Makeup brand(s): Merle Norman Cosmetics
Color(s): Pink, Purple, and Red
Band/Singer(s): Ludacris, Lil Wayne, and Ja Rule
Actor: Paul Walker
Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Place to hang: The mall!!
Song(s): too many to name...

&;Opinions (Be honest!)
Britney Spears: Perfect combo of good girl and bad girl
Xtina: So pretty, yet Dirrty!!
Paris Hilton: Slut... pretty slut, but its okay, shes rich.
Sluts: Smoke a smoke, not a butt, fuck a virgin, not a slut.
Fat people: Gastric Bypass people. It's the new Lipo.
Ugly people: Ultimate Makeover anyone???
Your parents: Beyaaaatch
Your siblings (if you have any): Annoying
Smoking: Yellow teeth and nails?? I'll pass.
Drinking: Only when I know I'm safe.. like nobodys gonna take advantage of me!!!
Drunk driving: Never. Stupidest thing ever.

&; Yourself
What do you consider your best physical features are? Why?: My legs... just cuz theyre toned and tan and people tell me theyre hot.
Do you care about how others think of you?: Yes, but it's not what ultimately determines my feelings towards myself.
Describe your personality: Funny, laid-back, and outgoing.
What do you look for in a guy?: Muscles, Humor, Responsibility...
If you had *3* wishes, what would they be?: 1. To be happy 2. To be loved by the man I love 3. To be satisfied
Include a picture of yourself: HOW???
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