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Am I fetch enough? <3

Name: Jeanne Fourie
Age: 15
Sex: female
Birthday: 13.12.89
Location: Pretoria, South Africa
Nationality: South African
Single or taken?: Single (more fun, huh?)
Hobbies: Shopping, talking, laughing, watching movies, listening to music, acting & tons of other stuff!
Promote us. Please tell us where you promoted: told all my friends...

Character in Mean Girls: Regina
Clothing brand(s): Morgan, Diesle, Guess
Makeup brand(s): Revlon, L'oreal
Color(s): turquoise, pink, blue, cream
Band/Singer(s): WAY too many to name! some are: Greenday, Prime Circle, 3 Doors Down, nickelback, Goo Goo Dolls, Seether, fokofpolisiekar, Creed and tons of others!
Actor: Based on looks or acting ability? =D
Actress: Charlize Theron - 'cause she's South African, but there are many great actresses!
Place to hang: Menlyn
Song(s): FAR too many!

&;Opinions (Be honest!)
Britney Spears: Used to be cute little girl role model, could dance to her stuff, but she's gotten weird/slutty now
Xtina: Terrible! Can't sing, can't dress!
Paris Hilton: Famous for being famous. Knows how to sell herself, though.
Sluts: I pity them.
Fat people: As long as it isn't affecting their health, good for them!
Ugly people: As in ugly guys? Ew!
Your parents: Love my parents.
Your siblings (if you have any): Only child! =D
Smoking: Terrible for your skin and makes you smell bad.
Drinking: Makes a fool out of you. Never be more than tipsy.
Drunk driving: Bad!

&; Yourself
What do you consider your best physical features are? Why?: my eyes. They're big and change colour. could be freaky...
Do you care about how others think of you?: only my friends.
Describe your personality: Fun, outgoing, always up for a laugh!
What do you look for in a guy?: must be hot obviously) and intelligent (talking is good sometiems too!)
If you had *3* wishes, what would they be?: money, to enhance certain physical features ;D and happiness for my loved ones.
Include a picture of yourself: first one I found - not the best... I don't usually wear the pink bow , it was a costume for a party... =D






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