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Am I fetch?

Name: Victoria
Age: 17Yrs
Sex: Female
Location:Manchester, England
Single or taken?:Single
Hobbies:Reading, Shopping, gossiping, dancing, clubbing.....
Promote us. Please tell us where you promoted:Millershaven community
Faves Character in Mean Girls:Regina
Clothing brand(s):Roxy
Makeup brand(s):Maybellin
Band/Singer(s):Our Lady Peace/Greenday/Garbage/Mariah Carey
Actor:Hayden Christensen/Chad Micheal Murrey
Actress:Sarah Michelle Gellar/Natalie Portman
Place to hang:Trafford Centre-Shopping Mall/Manchester City Centre
Song(s):Dont you forget about me-Yellowcard re-mix/We Belong Toegther-Mariah Carey
Opinions (Be honest!)
Britney Spears:Good
Paris Hilton:Hate
Sluts:the poor man's whore
Fat people:are always kind
Ugly people:Love Me
Your parents:Love 'em
Your siblings (if you have any):Close....too close
Drinking:its ok
Drunk driving:stupied
Yourself What do you consider your best physical features are? Why?:I cant pick just 1 thing cause its made great cause of everything else but if i need to choose butt. it gives my body character
Do you care about how others think of you?:only my family, I'm way too close to them.
Describe your personality: loud, always get my opinion across, can be rude.
What do you look for in a guy?:like a bit of hair, nice smile, deep eyes, loves extream sport and is an out door person.
If you had *3* wishes, what would they be?: to get in to my first choice film school, for my mum n dad to be happy (even though they are), to have a great career.
Include a picture of yourself:
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