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Sorry if this message is a bit spammish, but I got the idea for this rpg from the movie. I love the movie, but also love rping, so I was hoping that other fans might be into the same as well, and would be interested in checking it out. Hope you get the chance to take a look around; here is the basic plot of "Cliques" the rpg...
Cliques, the RPG

Cliques. South Shore High, like all other schools, is plagued with the typical, everyday cliques; everyone is thrust into one of them to survive the years to come. Cliques define who you are when you're young, they can make or break you, they label you; fair or unfairly.

The In-Crowd... At the top of the food-chain there's the in-crowd, the popular kids, both envied and despised throughout the school, lusted and admired. Lola Reynolds is renouned as the leader of the pack, at least among the girls. Beautiful, bitchy and bold, she is the infamous Ice Queen of South Shore. At her side is Portia Linney, who strives to be as "beloved" as her counterpart, but uses her beauty for other gains. Her promiscuous behavior is known throughout the school, especially by the male population. Then comes former Homecoming Queen Kaitlin Barrett, coincidently winning the title as this year's Prom Queen. Kaitlin is known as the less troublesome of her two friends, using her beauty in a more reserved manner, which some have even labeled as "nice." The newly adopted Isabella Brennan is the more humane of the group, Lola's newest project, and every South Shore guy's fantasy. Her mistake was joining the South Shore version of the "Mean Girls" squad; her virtues being her clean slate on any dirty deads and her lack of dating experience thus far.

Then there's the jocks, the male side of popularity. Jack, Lola's slightly older brother, is the nicer version of the Reynolds, though the two are known to be as thick as theives. With quarterback Nick Ross, both play on the South Shore Ravens football team. Though both are considered the school's heartthrobs, Nick has mastered in the role, a true believer in the "love 'em and leave 'em" motto, and former flame of all three Mean Queens.

The Preps... If she were cruel, she'd be one of the "It" girls, but as it is, Teenie Scott is a prep. She's beautiful, intelligent, and the one everyone turns to when there's a problem. She's the epitomy of a Golden Child, but she strives to be so much more. Meanwhile Alma Caldwell, originally from Alabama, wishes to be in a role like Teenie's, but her dark hair, thick accent and natural awkwardness makes her feel less than worthy. Then there's Brent Johansen, who's brains and good looks come naturally to him, just as his need to help. His favorite past-time is playing White Knight when he feels necessary. Lastly, there's Emilie Sawyer, the would-be class president if she only would have faught dirty with her competitor. As it turns out though, her conscious wasn't able to handle that, leaving Emilie as shy and good-natured as she'd always been.

The Rebels... These group of kids don't even have a label to justify who they are, unlike the cliques above, barely any of them have any "real" friends, but their love of rebellion landed them in this grouping together. First off is Holden McAllister, the definition of troubled. He's a true badass, seemingly uncaring to anyone or anything. Loosely following this type of motto is Libbie Chase, her name completely explaining who she is, free and unstable. It's been rumored around school for some time that her parents are threatening to kick her out, but Libbie could never give up on her wild lifestyle. Jordan Avery, current drug addict, arguably has the most out of control life of the bunch. A former In-Crowd girl who was particularly close to Portia, Jordan lost her way when she got mixed up in drugs, quickly driving all her former friends against her on her spiral down. Still in-desposed, Jordan is usually spotted around with unknown teens her own age, until lately when few have seen her hanging around Libbie, skipping school.

Next there's Kenzie Bowen, very pro-ana, as her looks reveal. Despite her guidance counselor's threats and pleas to Kenzie's parents, she hasn't shown any signs of recovery, and help doesn't appear to be right around the corner. Help is never around the corner in one teen's mind, Cindy Trancredi, who's views on life and love have some peers fearing she'll soon be reaching for the razorblade. A dark soul, Cindy has been termed as suicidal by many gossipers. Finally, there's Bailey Cameron, drummer of his own band, though he definitely doesn't have dreams of making it rich and famous stuck in his head. He rarely takes anything too seriously, and is far too laid back for the likes of his elders.

The Outcasts... The other major clique of South Shore high is the Outcasts, the ones who rank in just below the wild crowd, being shoved down to the bottom by the In-Crowd themselves. Unlike the other groups, these select few just don't care, too independant from the high school phase to concern themselves. Margene Black, dark and depressed, is the artist of the bunch, the more libertine of the kids. And every school needs their loveable geek, that cute guy who just says all the wrong things, but gets all the right grades; like Jory Carter. Teen mother-to-be Julianne Malone ranks in at this category, so displaced from her peers that she has managed to keep the father of her unborn baby a secret for the last eight months. Lastly, there's the newest of the new, even newer than Isabella, but this girl hadn't managed to luck out like she had. Ophelia Grace, only child to her Ukrainian father and hippie mother. And being unique in this school definitely has it's pitfalls.

High school is hell for most teens, whether behind closed doors or out in the hallways for all to see. Come play with the best of the best in South Shores' drama, love and pain. Be young, have fun; join the rpg where the OC seems to meet Mean Girls, rp-style!

***Made up characters ARE definitely welcome, but please take a look at the plot and rules before joining, and please don't start rpging until you are accepted!***

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