snl jeopardy

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Raise your hand if you're sick of Ben.

How he ONLY comes to school if he's hanging out with JANEICE.
The stupid shit you have to hear from Rose about how "great" he is when in actuality he SUCKS BALLS.
His destructive nature.
His gross hair which he tries to make look cool but it really just makes his eyes dissapear and his head look like a deformed black q-tip.
His overall annoyingness.
His way too tight highwater pants.
OH MY GOD. His voice. WTF.

And so on.
snl jeopardy

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This is for The Group, and The Group only. Duh.
If you aren't in The Group, please GTFO.

ATTN Group members;
If you would like to add or subtract someone from the members list, please tell me because sometimes I brain fart and forget someone. Don't take it personally if it was you.

Also, from now on, we vote people in,
no more getting stuck with fucktarts like Ben.
Voting will take place here, and people with no livejournal get absentee ballots.

Voting someone out would never be successful, so don't even try.
Trust me, I'd be all for it, but it just doesn't happen like that.

Lastly, please post any announcements, advertisements, complaints or whatever the moe you want relating to The Group.
IT MUST relate to The Group in some way. If it doesn't, this is not the place for it.


P.S. lighten up. It's for fun.