time to move on


Basically this community isn't what we wanted. We just aren't into it. We couldn't do the whole maker thing, one post a week, ect. 5/6 of you guys are inactive, steal and don't credit. We're going to basementsongs where we can post as frequently, and infrequently as we want to.

If you want to follow us, you can. Everyone else, hasta luego.


If you requested membership and were denied, this is the place to comment to contact us. We realized we've made it difficult in the past by having you e-mail us/comment on our personal journals so I hope this will be easier. Before commenting though, are you sure that you've read the rules? Make one last check you've credited everywhere & if you have, please comment and let us know. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Note: current members can ignore this post.

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